Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Nut of the Issue

About both the Left and the "Conservative Movement"  or "Conservative Inc.":

"Our ideological opposition is against us not because they haven't read some crucial Evola passage. They are against us because their ethnic and class interests conflict with ours. Their increasing hystericism is because they can feel our engineered decline within arms reach. You can't argue with those who want to destroy you because their concern is not ideas but their own interests."

Emphasis mine, but it's a critical point. BlackLivesMatter doesn't disagree with us on Limited Government or the Second Amendment, or the meaning of the Constitution.

They want White People to lose power and black people to get power.

White People can't TALK or REASON or DEBATE them out of that position—no matter how "non-racist" or well-meaning or liberal or open-minded or fair or equal...

Until we learn to stand up for WHITE PEOPLE like they stand up for black people....we're stupid and we'll keep losing.


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