Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From the Alt-Right

 This writer refers to the Conservative Movement traditional leaders and members as "Conservatism Inc." I like it.


 "Furthermore, neoreactionaries, White nationalists, Identitarians, and even some racial realists are gradually coming to the conclusion that the American Founding was fatally flawed and that what the United States was able to accomplish was chiefly because the Founders didn't take the egalitarian propaganda seriously.

"It is self-evident that all men are not created equal. Jefferson's goofy slogan is now being exploited to destroy the very people who came up with it, as was inevitable."

—If this isn't "conservative" heresy & virtual blasphemy, I'm Caitlyn Jenner.  But, the real question is...Is it true?   


"It’s unclear why “tribalism” (I'd call it loyalty) towards our fellow European-Americans ( and Europeans worldwide) with whom we share kinship, identity, and interests is somehow wrong.

"It’s even less obvious why service to a self-defined “proposition nation” composed of mutually hostile ethnic fiefdoms and ruled by people who want to destroy us is a sacred duty."

—I have not checked out the links. But the sentence, as it stands, convinces me. 


Does this not make sense?
"At a time when the self-declared enemies of the white race define themselves in racial terms, only our own definition of ourselves in those terms can meet their challenge. If and when that challenge should triumph and those enemies come to kill us as the Tutsi people have been slaughtered in Rwanda, they will do so not because we are “Westerners” or “Americans” or “Christians” or “conservatives” or “liberals” but because we are White."

And shouldn't we consider dealing with it on those terms?  Rather than pretending there is no such threat? That no one else works to forward the interests of their "tribe"? And that we are "above" such primal struggles? 

As we become impotent minorities in our own countries...


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