Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pretty Sure This Guy Has A Point

"Time to retire all the labels.

It's not about free markets vs socialism.
It's not about Dems vs Repubs.
It's not about Liberals vs Conservatives.
It's not about Progressives vs Libertarians.
It's not about radicals vs reactionaries.
It's not about justice vs liberty.
It's not about big government vs small government.
It's not about elitists vs populists.

It is REALLY about anti-white vs pro-white.

That's it.

Call one side 'anti-whites'. Call the other side 'pro-whites'.
Maybe just 'antites' and 'proites' is enough.
All other labels are obfuscations.

Sure, there are whites in the anti-white camp, and there are non-whites in the pro-white camp. But the basic trajectory of anti-white camp is to destroy white civilization while that of the pro-white camp is to save it."

In a nutshell, that's how the Alt-Right sees it. And I'm pretty sure they're right. At least at this moment in American History.

And that's why the central issue of our time is Immigration. Nothing else matters until we can secure our homeland.

Make sense?


  1. When you consider the rate of distruction/removal of Confederate memorials, you express a valid point.

  2. And the smaller our share of America gets, the more our history will be erased.

    The question is, who thinks this is a good idea?