Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Racial Demands

I want all monuments to Martin Luther King pulled down. He was a race-baiting negro terrorist who invaded the White World and forced ugly, violent, parisitical, dependent, low IQ, non-productive leeches into our lives and cultural spaces by demanding we superior, civilized, White People accept, against nature, and our will, barely civilized, tribal, dependent racists who hate us, and who have eaten out our substance, while producing nothing, and contributing nothing, ever since.

I want all monuments to ALL those racist "civil rights" icons pulled down, spat on, kicked and destroyed, for ruining my country which was created by White Men, by the blood of White Men, through the toil of White Men, with the energy of White Men, designed by the intelligence of White Men sustained by the faith of White Men.

I want all monuments to any negro pulled down, as that is an insult to the Whiteness of my country, its original history, its great traditions, our Pure White Blood and its great cultural, historical and civilizational achievements.

And if this is not done forthwith....I will form a black-clad, masked, armed mob, and we will do it ourselves.

And I expect all the police, wherever I choose to do this, to "stand down" so that they won't "hurt" me or my compatriots—which seems to be the new criterion for "police work" (at least when dealing with violent non-White mobs).

After all, we White People have a right to riot and run wild in the streets committing violence against innocents and destroying private and public property—with virtually NO CONSEQUENCES— whenever we feel like having a public tantrum, too.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can We Be Consistent, Leftie Nazis?

I'd like to ask the brainless leftist asshole who believe that we should tear down Confederate memorials and statues "because they defended slavery"...just who do they think fought for "slavery" in the Civil War?

Do they know that only a very small percentage of very rich plantation owners have almost all of the slaves? That the regular southern people did not, and thus were not "guilty" of the sin of slavery?

And do those same hateful destroyers believe that we should:

Destroy the pyramids because Egypt had slaves, and they likely built the pyramids?

Destroy the monuments and ruins of ancient Rome, because they also had slaves who likely participated in the building of them?

Destroy all the pyramids and other ruins of Aztecs and Incas because they had slaves  - and human sacrifice...that was actually practiced on those pyramids?

Destroy Mecca and everything associated with izlam because that religion CURRENTLY PRACTICES slavery in both the Middle East and in Africa?

Destroy every important, historical building/monument/religious icon in Africa because they are the ones that SOLD the black slaves to the first place - it was, and IS their culture, so everything that culture has ever done or built is compromised...and of course, they CURRENTLY PRACTICE slavery?

Destroy the Taj Mahal (whose builder was a muzlim) and all other Indian sites of historical significance, because India once practiced slavery, the Cast System, and the burning of living wives when their husbands died?

Just asking.

Oh...that's right, they just hate America, and particularly the American South and Southerners. It has NOTHING to do with historical slavery at all.



Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Enola What?

Did anyone not "get" this?

Oh, that's right, every college graduate since 1980, who have been taught no history.

Fuck 'em. I think it's funny.


Last Public Execution

For this I am nostalgic. It's time we brought this time-tested "consequence-of-your-actions" back.

I submit they're pretty decent deterrents.


Can you guess who this is?

It's all about the mustache.


Sun Sets On Mars

Holy Cow!

Isn't this just amazing??


PS: From "Unnerving Historical Pictures"

Okay, This is Creepy

Aren't these twins cute??

Uh, no. They're not even brothers. They're married. To each other.

How creepy is that. It's like having sex with yourself.  Could they possibly be more identical?



Diversity or Equality: You Can't Have Both

Google engineer James Damore was fired for seeking open dialogue on the company’s diversity policies.

This article at American Thinker, both clarifies and bolsters his argument - in a way that makes it clear he was entirely correct - and said NONE OF THE THINGS his critics and the press have attributed to him.

It's important to understand the issue, as it will arise time and again in our currently insane culture.

The underlying point is that you can't have both "diversity" and "equality". It is logically and practically impossible. To understand this—just another in a series of idiocies by the Left—read this.

It's acutally good for the brain to be fed this clarity of thought and logic!


 * * *

P.S. Here are some alternatives to Google Search (now that we find they are even messing with how search results show up, prioritizing left wing sites and hiding Right Wing ones!

Which, as I understand it, stands for, "Because It's Not Google". Which makes me smile everytime. It's by Microsoft. (I've made Bing my homepage and only search with their engine.) Their background images are GREAT!

Duck Duck Go 
(entirely private search - they don't follow you around AT ALL!)


This one uses Google to search, but makes you anonymous before it Google can't track ANYTHING about you. Still get the biased results of a Google search, but at least they can't follow you around.

And just because it sounds cool, here's a privacy service:  Private.Me 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Blaming a Democrat is Never Wrong...

If you want to blame a President for the situation in North Korea, start here:

President Carter
President Clinton
President Ă˜bama

Now President Trump has to clean up the mess left...


Monday, August 07, 2017

The Perfect Storm

“It is enough that the people know there was an election.” J. Stalin

"The United States of America is a REPUBLIC. In a Republic, all governmental decisions are made by representatives elected by people born or legally naturalized as American Citizens.

The requirement for every state to be admitted to the union, past and future, is that its people will be guaranteed a “republican form of government”; in other words, they must operate under the definition of a Republic. Therefore, the Constitutions of all 50 states clearly mandate that voting is a privilege and a right given ONLY to legal citizens.

Non-citizens, whether permanent or temporary residents, regardless of their property ownership or tax payment status, MAY NOT participate as voters in any federal or state election. PERIOD!"

Oh, but WAIT!!!

Go to Election Integrity Project, and find out what's REALLY happening... will not be pleased.


Saturday, August 05, 2017

Comment of the (yester) Day...

I found this in a "drafts" folder, after putting all my stuff on a new computer. It's from before the election, but I still like it:

"Trump is both isn't he? A reactionary talisman to a breathtaking progressive agenda, and the lone knight who will go into battle for We the People to upend a system of personal enrichment and an absence of public accountability. Not a politician, he's not going to pause and think who he owes fidelity to before he speaks. He is supremely confident, as he should be, after a lifetime of success in his chosen endeavors. Have confidence in him, support him, use your intellect to explain his importance to friends, family and acquaintances in an effort to effect a Massive Vote. The Dems, as you are aware, won't quit. And now, we finally have a Warrior."

Blue Steel
American thinker