Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knowing What's Good & Bad

Quick and Dirty Rules for determining whether a policy, proposal or idea is good or bad:

1) If it advances individual liberty, it's good

2) If it limits individual liberty, it's bad.

3) If it decreases the power of The State, it's good.

4) If it increases the power of The State, it's bad.

There are exceptions, and degrees of compromise sometimes required and reasonable in the real world. But this is a simple litmus test, and will keep you from getting sucked into arguments about detail and minutiae that take your eyes off the prize.

The Gunslinger


  1. OK, on the subject, off the subject. I went to a gun show this weekend. It was packed, people stood in lines at dealer tables to buy firearme and the ammo venders were picked clean. I heard people talking about Omessiah and the future of America. I'd attended a gun show at the same location prior to the election, it was deserted. Hmmmm...

    As we slept soundly in our beds this weekend. A friend died in Mosul. He will be missed.

  2. "Bill Goodman Gun and Knife Show...Tell a Buddy,bring a friend"? Really,tho...Several guys where I work have served in Iraq,and really do seem like astronauts who experienced Realities of Life Wake-Up and are disconnected from Us who don't get it.It's in their eyes when they listen to coddled co-workers bitch about dis'n'dat.We are SO lucky,because of them.Yes,God bless those gave All,and those who survived.Someday we'll listen to them,rather than idiot politicians.

  3. "God bless those gave All, and those who survived. Someday we'll listen to them, rather than idiot politicians".

    I couldn't agree more. I can't speak for every military member, just myself, my friends and the people I've served with. We all agree Iraq is a debacle we should have never gotten into. Bush lied and American's believed his bullshit. But we gave the Iraqis the chance for self rule and government by the people, for the people. They squandered that chance because of ancient tribal rivalries, religious dogma and ignorance; fuck them and the camels they rode in on. Afghanistan is where Al Qaeda and the Taliban are. Afghanistan is where the fight is and always has been.

  4. Good is what is beneficial to either you or me. Bad is what's harmful to either you or me.The stuff in the middle is the quandary.

  5. This is about decisions that we all make every day throughout our lives. We all make decisions, some are good and some are bad. Many are quick and some are well though out. Some of us even make decisions not to make decisions.

  6. Fortunately, today's bankrupt moral relativism version of "goodness" is not the only option.
    True good and evil does have a backstop. Morality IS based on immovable principles.Those principles were taught to us by a man from Galilee named Jesus, and they are outlined clearly in the Bible. self storage mississauga

  7. I'm talking political "right & wrong"...not Cosmic Morality.

    I thought that would have been obvious.

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