Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sad but True

by Grzmlyk, a commenter at American Spectator:
"It must be nice to be a member of the Church of Liberalism. Their fundamentalist faith allows them to ignore utterly the reality of the causal universe; the virgin birth's got nothing on their capacity for denial.

Of course not all liberals are true-believing zealots in the whack-job religion. Those secular saints (in their own minds) occupying the pews at the front are the fools and the pawns, who comprise about 75% of the Democrat party.

The other 25% are only nominal True Believers whose real purpose is exploiting the fools and pawns. I speak, of course, of the crooks and the destroyers.

As for the crooks (like Arnie and DRED), they're profiting off of the destruction of our society; they know that by repeating the Big Lie often enough, the fools and pawns will be lulled into the stupor of self flattery, and the flow of Other People's Money into the crooks' wallets will continue ad infinitum.
And then there are the destroyers: People like Obama himself. His only goal is to wipe the metaphorical smile off of America's collective face by tearing down our institutions, defacing our values, urinating on the middle class and, of course, plundering the treasury. For the Destroyers, lying must be tough - you know how BADLY Obama wants to take credit for exacting revenge by spreading widespread misery.

But it's just a little too early for that; he still has to pretend to care. But all in due time, my pretties; all in due time."
Amen, brother.


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