Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ØbamaCare - a Total Scam

This is great.  From American Thinker blog.

It ends with...

"You must finally conclude that ObamaCare is a total scam when even Oprah won't endorse it. Despite Obama's Newspeak, his tall tales, and maybe 40,000 pre-conditions covered, his signature legislation spells ObamaSnare, DOA.

Either the American people rise up and take their government back, or the government will reach down and choke the life out of this country."

1 comment:

  1. The America that landed on Omaha beach and built the boom of the 60's has been destroyed by the neo-communist's. It is forever- graveyard- dead. Get over it! So we can build a better nation after we throw off the neo-communist police state we have now. We ether grow the mental balls to stand up now-or we can all rot in the gulag later.