Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trash's Trash

An update. All those sudden lovers of America, and Green guardians of the Earth, gathering to celebrate their Master's coronation, He who will transform the land into his own image, and rule the world....left over 130 TONS of trash on the grounds of their Beloved Leader's capitol.

Yes, there weren't enough trash cans. Understandable, unfortunately, for security reasons these days. But I would have bundled my junk up and put in in my purse, or back pack, or pockets. Who of us hasn't done that before, rather than trash a venue we valued enough to visit?

Of course, we're human beings. Not Orcs. Not filthy, lousy, scabrous orcs—orcs there to pay homage to their Dark Lord at the center of the Shadow in the East.

The Gunslinger


  1. they should have saved time by holding the inauguration in a trash dump

  2. Too bad they left the biggest piece of trash right there in the White House.