Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Has any politician given a better SOTU address?

Has any politician done more for Americans in a single year?

Has any politician ever understood, as President Trump does, that America belongs to Americans...not Washington D.C.?

Since no politicians ever has, why do we keep electing politicians?

We have proof, right in front of us, with the election of this great man, Donald Trump, that CITIZENS...citizens who understand business, culture, humanity, dreams, freedom, honor and grit, make the best presidents.

Not assholes who have made a living leeching off the system and getting elected over and over...and whose loyalties are to Party and The System...and never to the people who elected them, and the country they are elected to serve.

And who are exemplified by this:

and this:

How long have these two women, completely unaccomplished, dull-witted, greedy, ambitious and careless of the public trust, been in power because of a broken system that encourages and perpetuates corruption, which advantages an incumbent class and creates and sustains a permanent Power Elite.

We're supposed to have "citizen legislators", not career politicians.

We're supposed to have people running the government that understand how the COUNTRY works. But instead, all we've got is a permanent class of crooks who know how Insider Washington works. How fundraising works. How backroom deals work. How using influence to make oneself millions of dollars off the backs and the taxes of the working stiffs of America works.

How did we let it come to this?

Donald Trump reminds us who is supposed to be president....who is supposed to be elected to "run the country".

And it should be smart, accomplished, practical, loyal, America-loving CITIZENS who serve their country for a term or two, then go back to their lives, and LIVE under the laws they made, and the conditions the policies they implemented created.

(What a concept!)

It should NEVER be CAREER POLITICIANS. That is anathema to the fundamental principles our country was founded on. When are we going to remember that?


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