Tuesday, July 17, 2018

They Just CAN'T Shut Up!

10 Quotes from Establishment Insiders

Hint:  They don't like Prez. They display their stupidity for all to see....again.

Note the website. Just found it:  The American Dream


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Big Difference

“‘Civil War’ happens when the victimized are armed.

‘Genocide’ happens when they are not!”

—AE Samaan

Friday, July 06, 2018

Comment On Previous Post Article at American Thinker

Things that you can trust more than communist liberal or their ilk...

• Mexican tap water
• A wolverine with a 'pet me' sign
• A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
• A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
• A "Coin Toss" at a local Iowa Caucus
• An elevator ride with Ray Rice
• A night out with Aaron Hernandez
• Brian Williams memory
• A cigar offered to me by Bill Clinton
• Pete Carroll coaching decisions
• Loch Ness monster sightings
• OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
• Pinocchio
• A North Korea "Satellite" launch
• Hilary Clinton's investigation into Benghazi
• Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
• MSNBC's news reports
• Lorena Bobbit showing me her scissor collection.
• Gas station Sushi
• Casey Anthony babysitting ads on craigslist
• Killery's claim that no American lives were lost in Libya
• A Jimmy Carter economic plan
• Bill Clinton's claim he never had inappropriate relationships
• An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
• Michael Jackson's Doctor
• DNC's IT department
• Duck hunting with Dick Cheney
• MeCHA, La Raza, and LULAC's claim they're not racists
• A Jeffery Dahmer dinner invitation
• Obama's investigation into the IRS Targeting Scandal
• The Boy that cried Wolf
• The verification of Oblamo's birth certificate
• Songbird McCain's loyalty to his military comrades, our country, or his party
• Harry Reid's exercise equipment
• Tying Anthony Weiner's shoes
• A direct number to the State Department in case of a riot
• A factory packed parachute
• A Federal Reserve audit
• Biden's home defense shotgun plan
• A kiss from Judas
• An evening car ride with Ted Kennedy
• A private hotel luncheon with Harvey Weinstein
• Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's claim the Constitution is over 400 years old
• An Afghan wearing a backpack
• A Supreme Court decision
• muslims assertion that islam is a religion of peace
• Keeping my healthcare plan
• A police report filed by former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields
• A North Korea trial by jury
• A BIC pen that doesn't leak
• Flint Michigan water supply
• Democrat CA State Senator Kevin de Leon's knowledge of firearms (ghost gun "dispensing" 30 round caliber magazine clip in 1/2 sec.)
• Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson's warning that the island of Guam will capsize.
• A chinese newspaper
• Bill Clinton at a Girl Scout convention.
• Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's request if the Pathfinder had succeeded in taking a picture of the flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969.
• Baghdad Bob's intel reports
• Prayers from Glenn Beck
• Lying Ted's version of "truth"
• Electronic Voting Machines
• Obumbler's "Oath of Office"
• Paul "let's repeal- VACATE THE CHAIR" Ryan.....
• A business proposition from the Nigerian Minister of Finance
• A week old tuna fish sandwich found on a filthy city bus

They Are Pushing Their Lluck

133 examples of the Fascist Left attacking Conservatives.

These idiots are asking for serious trouble. But they are so insulated from real retribution that they feel safe attacking others.

They are pushing their luck. One of these days, there will be a major push back. And their playing badass will come to a screeching halt.

Don't start a Coup if you don't want a Civil War.

Just sayin', stupid, stupid Leftists...


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Maxine Projects (again)

"Trump is a slum lord, he owns Maxine Water's head."

 --giantslayer (comment on Breitbart regarding loony toon Maxipad's verbal diarrhea rants)

To wit: (among others, obviously)

“I think every reasonable person has concluded that the president of the United States of America has advocated violence... he has been the one that has caused what we see happening today where people are trying to push back on his policies."


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Listen to Smart

I just finished listening to a 1.5 hour podcast by Jordan Peterson, in a conversation with Dr. Richard Haier who wrote the book, "The Neuroscience of Intelligence".

Be prepared to be on your game while listening to these guys.

Here's why:  In talking about effects of psychedelics on the brain, in a discussion of brain function Peterson referred to "dropping acid" as:

"Experimenting at the psychedelic end of the pharmaceutical universe."

Maybe the coolest description of it I've ever seen.

Yeah...he's like that.

Get smart. Find Dr. Peterson HERE.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

First Summit Completed: Trump and Kim Agreed...

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.
2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.
3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

I got this at Liberty Nation.


Immigration Crisis...

Monday, June 11, 2018

Logic Escapes Liberals

Planned Parenthood Says...

God, We Meme Better!

The Jordan Peterson Effect...

Copied this from Twitter. Everyone should read this....and check out Jordan Peterson's lectures, and read his books!


Jordan Peterson
by David Reaboi‏
Verified account  @davereaboi


“I’ve been a fan of @jordanbpeterson, and have spent a considerable amount of time watching his lectures and trying to get a handle on the JBP phenomenon—because it’s absolutely one. I saw him tonight in DC at the Warner Theater. Some thoughts:

First, the big thing: smart friends who care about politics and ideas have asked me, “who is this guy?” The best way I can respond is, “he’s a guy whose 2 hour lectures about Jung and Dostoevsky and living a good life get 800k views on YouTube.” They’re always stunned.

What’s clear from anyone who’s ever heard JBP speak is, he says nothing someone transported from back in time as recently as 2005 would find shocking. Yes, it’s deliberately archetypal (the Jung influence), but you really don’t have to go that far back.

Something happened in our culture fairly recently, though. It’s been building for decades (or longer), but it broke through pretty recently. IMO, the Kaitlyn Jenner thing will come to be seen as a colossally important event in our culture. A media class made that happen.

The enormity of that change happened so quickly and, from the standpoint of the media, the New Truth was enforced on the American public with a vengeance. You really had no choice to opt out; the Social Justice Train would knock you out of polite society if you’d object. 

The people who made that happen in the culture felt powerful. They also felt they had the wind at their backs and the obligation to keep pushing, keep pushing—and to shame and ostracize any dissenters. Normal people started feeling like things had changed & they were right.

Little by little, people started waking up. First little bits of dissent, always whispered or in hushed tones. They began to realize the divide and the hostility that greets you if you oppose the SJW orthodoxy. 

I don’t think it’s at all an accident that @jordanbpeterson became famous talking about his resistance to a law that would *criminalize* the use of (“wrong”) pronouns. People are pretty easy-going, but it didn’t take a genius—or a conservative!—to see where this leads. 

Another thing the Trans issue gave us: It’s becoming clear to millions of people in the West that we have (at least) two common cultures now, with contradictory understandings of the most basic human things. Even biological things. 

Another way to put this: we now have two divergent understandings of what it means to be human and to have fruitful and successful life. The Progressive vision we often call, derisively, SJW. But it’s as much a real culture—with all the trappings and signifiers—as any.

The other vision doesn’t have a name, but it’s very close to our prior civilizational understanding. Classical liberalism? Enlightenment? Conservatism? It could be any of these things or a collection of some of them. But they’re all more similar to each other than to SJW.

Interestingly, the SJW Culture is transmitted and propagandize literally everywhere—yet few live according to its logic (outside universities). The values of the Prior Culture is transmitted almost nowhere—but millions live or try to live according to its basic concepts. 

Enter @jordanbpeterson. All he’s doing is very articulately making the case for the common culture. He’s very bright and non-threatening. He’s telling you, basically, how humans from a variety of civilizations have known how to live a good life. 

So why the fuss? Why the constant sniping hit-jobs from a media that nearly completely overtaken by evangelists for the SJW wing? Well, I think that question answers itself. 

I do think JBP is being sly in a Straussian way when he says that his lectures are “non-political.” It may be true in a literal sense, but the smarter SJW crowd understands very well that the popularity of a well-articulated Prior Culture will simply shred any SJW gains.

Once a non-SJW-indoctrinated “normal” listens to JBP, the absurdity of the SJW nonsense is so apparent, it’s like finally turning on the subtitles to a film in a language you don’t understand. “Oh, this movie is actually a comedy?!” 

What @jordanbpeterson presents in his lectures is deep, yet so basic, it’s indicative of how we need to start, essentially, from scratch in putting back together the best of this Prior Culture because—other than JBP—we’ve got nobody else with a platform who’s doing it.”