HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He blew everybody away.

Mandate???!!! He should be crowned EMPEROR of America!

He beat the 'shoo-in', 'It's Her Turn', candidate against all of the Swamp—the ENTIRE government bureaucracy, all of Hollywood, all of Academia, all of the Media, all of the Feminist Mafia, all of the Communist/Fasicst Left, and, apparently, the Russians!

There was 24/365 negative coverage of him from the moment it looked like he might actually win the primary (which continues to this day).

He is America's APEX PREDATOR, a T-Rex, who chomped down every Raptor the Anti-American, Criminal Opposition sent after him (and us).

And once he attained the "Hill"...they've been wailing and crying and screeching and howling every moment since.

And we've been laughing our asses off, planning our next move.

You pathetic, anti-American, crybaby, virtue-preening, waysiss!, kindergarteners LOST.

Get over it.