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American Thinker, by James Lewis. A MUST READ

Obama Squirms to Dodge the Truth

We don’t want war; but war has been declared on us.

That is the dilemma of the political elites, and their string of puppets in the media.

Obama is the dance-away politician. He has always danced away from the consequences of his actions. But this time he can’t. The French, by facing the truth of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, are actually more honest and courageous in facing reality. America is lagging.

The reality that everybody secretly knows is that the Iranians have been chanting “Death to Israel! Death to America!” every single day since 1979, when Jimmy Carter allowed Ayatollah Khomeini to take over Iran, to throw out our ally the Shah, and to grow into a warmaking aggressor against all its theological enemies, including the Saudis. Now Obama has allowed Iran to take over the Iraqi regime in Baghdad along with Yemen, and Syria, creating a strategic pincer that points to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Iran’s theologian rulers are aiming for Mecca and Medina, the holy cities of Islam, which will give them control over the entire Muslim world. But they will have to fight the 80% majority Sunnis to get the holy cities.

This is what the Saudis are facing, and this is why the succession struggle for the head of state in Saudi Arabia has implications for the entire Arab and Muslim world, and therefore the rest of the world also. Iran is on the verge of nuclear weapons and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Obama is pretending it aint’ so, so he can sign his totally phony “peace agreement” with the mullahs. But Israel’s Netanyahu won’t sign on to a treaty that will give the genocidal cult of Iran all the power in the world. That is why Obama hates Netanyahu, and wants to destroy him. Obama is therefore making exactly the same move made by the appeasers of Hitler and Stalin in Europe. He is gambling on a losing game of appeasement, but nobody, certainly not the Arabs, believes a word. They know who the totalitarian aggressor is, and they know he has to be defeated decisively. Meanwhile Obama, who is the most mentally rigid politician outside of Moscow, is publicly raging and ranting -- not at the mullahs, who are the plain and obvious aggressor, but at the scapegoat.

Jesus was a scapegoat for the fearful collaborators with the Romans in Israel at the beginning of the Common Era. The Jews were scapegoats for every tyrant since that time, except where Christians were the scapegoats for Romans, Vikings, Muslim invaders, and all the aggressive forces from that time to the Nazis and Communists. Scapegoats are needed when a politician needs to deny responsibility and blame the nearest victim who cannot escape. Scapegoating is the mark of mob politics.

In 1200 CE the first wave of Muslim invaders conquered India, and immediately started to wipe out all the Buddhist monasteries, which were vulnerable because the monks were pacifists who often did not defend themselves. Buddhism, a pacifist creed, was soon destroyed in its land of origin, and it has never come back in full flower. It is now practiced in China, Japan, and South East India. But not in most of India, where Vedanta philosophy flowered instead. Multiple Muslim invasions killed off Buddhism, because Vedanta, as a family and community creed, was able to withstand the multiple massacres imposed by wave after wave of Muslim jihadists. The last Indian-Muslim war was the Partition of India in 1948, which killed three million people, and led to the split between Muslim Pakistan and majority-Hindu India. Since then Pakistan keeps up a terrorist war against India, but it has not been able to mount a full-scale Muslim invasion of India. India has a thousand years of resistance against wave after wave of jihad invasion, and every citizen of India knows in his or her bones that peace is good, but survival is better, if you must choose. Hinduism is not as aggressive as jihadist Islam. Neither is Buddhism. But over the centuries they have learned to defend themselves.

But not the West. Our superficial and self-deluded political elites pretend that jihadi Islam is peaceful, just like early Buddhists did before all the monasteries were destroyed. Muslim forces have bought up our political and media class, which is why they keep lying to us about a clear and present danger.

So Obama is blaming the victim, along with his Eurosocialist buddies in Europe. If only Israel would surrender to the phony “Palestinians” everything will be okay. For Hitler it was Czechoslovakia that had to be his to prevent war, and once he swallowed the Sudetenland he would never, ever, be nasty again. Then it was Poland. Then it was all of Europe, and ultimately it would have been America, because the Nazis had a world-conquering ideology. So did Stalin.

At some point the lies became clear to every sentient person in the West, and reluctantly, very slowly and reluctantly, Western politicians and media types began to see how trapped they were. It was surrender or fight. No other choice.

Today, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre showed the French and other Europeans that this was a stand-or-die moment, the French people poured into the streets to show how well they got it. Forty political leaders jumped on the bandwagon, because their jobs were on the line. But Obama remained aloof, thinking that he could still dance away from the choice. Obama has long proclaimed delusional lies as the truth, and maybe he really believes he can still get away with it. But Canada, Australia, and Britain don’t think so. The French don’t think so. Most normal Europeans don’t think so. And Obama will be out of power soon.

This is the Phony War, the time of indecision and of desperate efforts to fake a solution to a dwindling chance of true peace. The only people who are bound and determined to have their way are the Jihadists, the Iranian mullahs on the Shi’ite side, and the ISIS fanatics on the Sunni side. Everybody else is trying to dodge the problem, hoping against hope. Obama may not believe he can walk on the water and create a peace agreement between all the players: Not just Israel and the Pals (a totally phony scapegoating conflict), but between Iran and Sunni tribes in Iraq and Syria, who support ISIS, between the Saudis who are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, backed by Egypt and Pakistan. The jihadist aggressors are gambling that audacity and mass murder will win. Overall, Obama has been backing them whenever possible, including Al Qaeda in Libya, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and (through Turkey) even ISIS. Obama keeps thinking he can clever his way out of this trap, but he’s dealing with Persian and Arab rug sellers who have seen this game for a thousand years. They can tell a coward when they see him.

In the upshot, Obama does not want the china shop to fall apart before he leaves office. Like Bill Clinton, he cares less about the fate of the country and the world than he does about himself. Clinton dodged four chances to get Bin Laden, and when he left office the Twin Towers were bombed, right at the start of the Bush Administration. So George W. was stuck with the problem, and Clinton danced away from of blame (at least as far as his own media buds were concerned). That is Obama’s goal, too. He wants to be able to blame the next president for the messes he made, and which he allowed to go out of control, during his eight years. Obama is therefore trying to pin the blame on Netanyahu, who wants to save his country from nuclear genocide. This is a disgusting, cynical, mean-spirited game.

In the last few days Obama left his own trip to India, skipping the Taj Mahal, to fly to Riyadh and lobby the new leadership -- the new king is believed to suffer from dementia, and he had to talk to younger politicians, including probably Bandar El Sultan, who is jockeying for power along with the rest. The Saudis’ top pols were complicit in the Al Qaeda attack on this country in 9/11/01, and excused themselves to the Americans by saying their shaky failed state would not survive if the real fanatics, the Wahhabi theocrats, took over. We had a choice between supporting the Saudi villains to keep even worse characters from taking over. Both Bush and Obama went along, because OPEC controlled the international price of oil and could destroy our economy. It was a bargain with the devil.

When 90-year-old King Abdullah died Obama went on an emergency trip to Saudi, to figure out how he could keep Saudi Arabia’s Rube Goldberg contraption going long enough to finish his term in office. More than anything else Obama wants that Jimmy Carter photo op with the Israelis on one side, the Pals on the other, and the New York Times piously proclaiming Peace in our Time. The Obama goes home and allows the whole fake tower of cards to crumble, no matter who gets hurt. He has saved his reputation, at least among his True Believers (who will believe anything he says). Now he can blame whoever comes next. The Democrats and their fake media will scream and yell long enough until everybody believes the next president is a warmongering Republican. That’s how Clinton got away with it, and that’s how Obama wants to do it.

I don’t think the Saudis believed a word of it. Nobody in the know believes Obama any more. The Saudis are furious at him for allowing their worst enemies, the infidel Shi’ites of Iran, to build nukes and missiles. They live right in Iran’s bull’s eye. They are getting ready for the worst by bringing in Egyptian and Pakistani troops to man their borders (they don’t have a big enough population or military themselves), and to keep the option of buying off-the-shelf nukes from Pakistan. They just built a 600-mile military barrier to keep ISIS out. They are outraged at Obama for empowering their most deadly enemies, and some, like Prince Bandar, have already built mansions in the West. (Bandar’s exile mansion overlooks Aspen, CO).

Obama wanted America to withdraw from the world, and our political elites went along. Conservatives have understood very well that China, Russia, Iran, and other aggressors would instantly fill the vacuums created by American retreat. That is exactly what happened. Everywhere in the world, our closest allies are in big, big trouble, and they are rearming as quickly as they can.

In the Muslim world the thousand-year-old split between Sunnis and Shi’ites is devolving into war. In Iraq, the Baghdad regime is controlled by Iran, the new Persian caliphate. In Turkey, Sunni radicals led by Recip Erdogan are trying to re-create the Ottoman Empire -- including the old uniforms with the pointy helmets. In Lebanon Iran’s proxy terror group Hizb’allah is in control, and sending troops to support Syria’s Assad, who is a sort of Shi’ite. Egypt has managed to throw out Obama’s favorite Muslim Brotherhood puppet, and El Sisi sounds like the sanest voice in the Muslim Middle East. But he, too, is fighting a revolt by radical Islamofascists.

What a mess. Six years ago there was still a precarious balance in the Middle East, based in good part on Egypt, the “pillar of peace.” Today, Egypt’s Mubarak has been purged, but another military man, El Sisi has taken over. So the pillar survives, so far.

As for the rest, almost every single Muslim regime in the ME is gone or in trouble. Iran’s proxy just overthrew our guy in Yemen. Libya is at war, entirely due to Obama’s brainstorm of overthrowing Gadaffi and using his armaments to support the rebels in Syria.

This is how community agitators work. They don’t “organize” communities. They agitate to disorganize them, so they can pick up the pieces when things fall apart. Most of the world understands Obama by now, and they are afraid. But Americans can’t believe that our own president would be so utterly destructive. Ordinary Democrats think the chaos in the Middle East is just bad luck. But it’s not. It’s all part of Obama’s Grand Design, a narcissistic overreach so bizarre and improbable that it was bound to fail.

This is how Marxists always end up: grand ambitions ending in an enormous mess.

(Venezuela today is finally understanding that, and even the Washington Post has belatedly told them to give up on a centralized command economy).

The next president will have a lot of apologizing to do -- for Obama, not for the United States. But more important, the next administration will try to save what can be saved from the six decades of Pax Americana, when our allies could trust our word. Obama has killed off the most important single ingredient in any defensive alliance, real trust that the alliance would hold under pressure.

Nobody trusts us anymore, and there is no reason they should. We were the lynchpin of world security for six decades, but once trust it lost, it may never be restored.

Isn’t it great to have our first black president? Now the Democrats will try to repeat that trick, and foist on us a president merely because she is female. Or merely because s/he is LGBT. Or merely because… et. bs cetera.

With Obama our voters got suckered but good. The same thing happened with Bill Clinton and the Arkansas twins. Jimmy Carter, in retrospect, sold out to Muslim influence peddlers way back in 1979, when the Ayatollah took over our U.S. embassy and all its diplomats, and Jimmy did next to nothing. That was the first proof to the Muslim world that the United States was the weak horse, and they have been trading on that ever since. Even today, Carter and his foreign policy gurus still claim they were right to let the radical Islamists take over in Iran. That is why the mullahs show such utter contempt for this administration. Obama is a round-heeled pushover, like Jimmy Carter, and they are beating us hollow.

Today immense amounts of money from Muslim sources are going to Democrats, and probably some Republicans as well. On the R side, we have to demand a clear accounting of who is paying for what. The Democrats are a lost cause.

Monday, January 12, 2015

America a No-Show; Americans Humiliated

Well leave it to the Clown in the White House to be a no-show in Paris, when pretty much every other significant western leader was there.

What does this tell us?

Obambi is not really anti violent islamic jihad.

And he's not about to join in a demonstration of solidarity of the growing racial/cultural awareness of the European peoples.

He hates them/us.

He's not even convincing in his substance-free teleprompter speeches anymore.

Except for his propaganda ministers...his collective Goebbels—known as the drive-by one believes his bullshit anymore.

Even the Left knows he's a clueless, empty suit of very modest intellect. (I mean, they don't care—but they know—because nothing will dissuade them from loyalty to the tenets of their shared Progressive/Collectivist Religion—no matter how many times and how clearly and entirely they have been PROVEN false, ugly, dangerous, damaging, inhuman, evil, tyrannical, murderous, hateful, enslaving, anti-freedom, etc.)

Now, of course, caught out, and scorned publicly, his Infestation, er, Administration, is bleating one thing or another trying to save face.

And no doubt Goebbels will do its best to spin this as hard and well as they can to try to remove the tarnish off this pathetic race/criminal/islam panderer.

It makes me sick to my stomach that this worm, this louse, this tick on the ass of humanity, is the official leader of my once beautiful, once great,  and once proud country.

The Gunslinger

Thursday, December 18, 2014

SONY, AMC et al







I don't care what your lawyers say. I don't care what your insurance company says.

You stand up to bully-boys and you spit in their faces.

That's what grownups do.

That's what Americans* do. (Or used to do!)

Shame. Shame. Shame.


*Yes I know that Sony is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Not the point, here, people. And, besides, we're also talking about all the biggest American cinema chains that decided not to show The Interview, apparently out of fear of the Fat Boy.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Then Again...

...sometimes the BEST stuff is in the comments:

Is anyone else noticing a theme here?

Racial truth- common occurrence = White men target black youth: media narrative re: Zimmerman v. St. Hoodie >> not guilty >> narrative DEBUNKED

Racial truth- common occurrence = White cops kill black men for no reason: media narrative re: De Blasio’s Cigarette Police v.Heart-Attack-Pending Garner >> no true bill >> narrative DEBUNKED

Sexual politics truth- common occurrence = Republican college men are rapers: media narrative re: Dunham v. Republican Barry >> uh oh >> narrative DEBUNKED

Sexual politics truth- common occurrence = frat boys are gang rapers: media narrative re: Jackie v. the Broken Glass Coffee Table >> oh man this is too easy >> narrative not just DEBUNKED but in actual shards.

If we used the “reasonable man” standard, wouldn’t one say these common occurrances must in fact be UNcommon?

Dolce Far Niente on December 10, 2014

Hot Air comments on the "Jackie" false frat rape story in Rolling Stone.


"The Young"

"Very good and honest look into a mind of an old guy.

Now if only the posters here would be honest enough that they don't know jack about the young and their experiences. "

The above quote was a comment on this article: They Made Me Write About Lena Dunham by P.J. O'Rourke.

It was a typical O'Rourke article, pretty much slamming le Dunham with snark and you would expect.

Our intrepid commenter obviously believes that if you are 67 - O'Rourke's age, that you don't know "jack" about The Young.

I read this thinking....where does he think old people come from? Space? Fully wrinkled and grayed?

And then I wondered..."God, was I that stupid? Are all young people that stupid?"

"Child," I wanted to say, "I see you have not exactly thought that statement through. You see, it's really quite the opposite. We 'old guys' actually have been The Young. And having been them, we know 'their experiences' personally and intimately. First person experiential knowledge."

"But you, "The Young," I wanted to continue, "have never been 'old guys'...have never been where we 'old guys' have been, have never seen what we have seen, never learned what we have learned, therefore can't know jack about us or our experiences."

"So," I wanted to conclude, "...if anyone's a stupid clueless asshole....uh.......that'd be YOU, chief."

But I had to "register" at the Daily Beast to do it... I didn't.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Ah....Saturday morning. Enough time to casually read the news and opinion pages.

I ended up on a story regarding Pope Francis' supposed comments about animals going to heaven.

While the story is terribly inaccurate, misquoted,  and wrongly attributed as it turns out, the subject is of some import to many people.

What was most interesting is that the comments section was full of atheists who, as one, vigorously insisted that no such thing is possible because heaven, naturally.....such a silly notion of primitive savages and Dark Age peasants.....does not exist.

Suggesting that "all living creatures" can end up in Paradise, brought up the inevitable conversation about Ebola viruses, mosquitoes, snakes, (which for some reason some people seem to hate and fear beyond reason—I'm a fan, so I don't get it)...and spiders...(another unhealthy fear, it seems to me), being "living creatures" so......"do they go to heaven too?"

Asked with a sneering smirk. And with utter confidence that no one could imagine a place where all living creatures, including hyenas, fleas and scorpions could peacefully coexist.

And suddenly it hit me. The problem with atheists is that they have no imagination.

None of them could imagine a place where every creature just "got along" with every other; where eating each other wasn't necessary anymore.

They automatically assumed that silly little hillbilly believers would choose only their personal pets and favorite animals to be included in heaven, but reject the idea that those animals they fear or think of as pests or enemies were included. They gave absolutely no credit to other humans to understand or IMAGINE how paradise might accommodate all without conflict, fear, disgust or danger.

One specifically said "what you see is what you get". Now that's a sad thought, indeed.

I guess love, hope and dreams don't exist for this poor fellow any more than heaven does.

Now that I think on it, maybe the reason people are that they have no imagination.

That's a whole new way of thinking about it.

So I'm going to. I'll be back.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Note on previous post...

In the same way that UKIP wants out of the European Union.... a free, independent and British Britain...

("UKIP is a patriotic party that promotes independence: from the EU, and from government interference. We believe in free trade, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility."*)

...USIP wants out of the Washington D.C. Central Government Tyranny in order to form a more perfect government according to the Constitution of the United States of America; free, independent and American States.

I think it works.


*Does that sound familiar, or what??

Monday, December 08, 2014

American UKIP?

You've heard of UKIP? United Kingdom Independence Party.

They are what we Americans would call a "Conservative" party; preserving and conserving British (dare I say "English"!) culture, traditions and freedoms.

Here's their website

Since it's pretty clear the Republicans don't, as a party, represent those of us who seek to preserve and conserve our American heritage, culture, traditions, and founding liberty.

Since most of them are nothing more than political hacks...concerned only their own re-election for the perks, money and prestige. 

Since they are Liberal Lite.; too afraid of rocking the boat to do anything that might remotely be considered patriotic...

I think it's time for USIP. United States Independence Party.

(I toyed with American Independence Party* - AIP..but being called "APES" seemed like a bad idea. :-)


*Besides, there's a "American Independent Party", already, right?

Race. Again. Snooze.

How tired are you of blacks "protesting"?

See, here's the thing.

I don't wanna be mean, and I know I've said this before, but I don't care about blacks. I know it's hard for them to understand what I mean when I say that...

...but I don't think about blacks. I don't worry about blacks. I don't care about blacks one way or the other.

There is a black woman with whom I am friendly. I care about her. But I don't care about blacks as a race, as a group, as a "minority". I don't think about them, I don't care what's going on with them. I'm not interested. I don't find the subject compelling.

I don't care about their self-esteem. I don't care about their nutrition. I don't care about their poverty. I don't care about their problems. I don't care about their success. I don't care about their failure.

I don't hate them, I don't want to discriminate against them, I don't want to lynch them.

I don't CARE about them at all. They don't enter my mind in the normal course of events on any given day.

I don't give Vietnamese or Puerto Ricans or Guatamalans or Tibetans - as groups - much thought either.

Nope, don't care.

I find it so odd that black people assume we white people spend a lot of time hating them—as a a race...when, in fact, we white people as a whole don't spend any time thinking about black people at all...with the obvious three exceptions...

1) the wild-eyed white pride supremacist extremists who believe that blacks so inferior to whites that white should never associate with them. (I've never actually met one of these)


2) the wild-eyed white guilt supremacist extremists who believe that blacks are so inferior to white people that they need nanny-like white saviors to create a world in which blacks are not asked to live up to the standards of behavior required of every other race on earth - because they are constitutionally incapable of doing so; because they cannot be held responsible for their own actions, choices, behaviors, any more than small white children can. (I've met hundreds of these. They abound in colleges, the Media, Hollywood, and among professional agitators, Marxists, and Progressives.)


3) White victims of black racist violence (they are legion). 

Michael, Trayvon, NYC big fat asthma dude.

I DON'T CARE. And I don't care that blacks care. I don't care that blacks are trying to make it into a big deal. It's not. And all their rioting doesn't make me care. It just makes me think many blacks are dimwittedly unable to apply logic to a perfectly straightforward event; or alternatively, evil and willfully criminal...seeking an excuse to be violent and lawless.

I don't think this is the effect they are looking for...I could be mistaken, of course.

When blacks stop killing blacks by the truckload—on a daily basis, or at least attempt to address it as though it matters, then maybe I'll listen in on the conversation. Until then, all I hear is blah, blah, blah, blah...

Stop committing violent crimes, don't violently fuck with the police. What the hell is wrong with you?

Stop acting so stupid and ignorant that you demonstrate that #1 and #2 guys above have been right all along.