Thursday, March 15, 2018

Celebrating Gemima. 21 today. Various Age Pix

Happy Birthday, Gemima!

Today my little girl, Gemima, turned 21 years old! Here's to many more!!

Love you, Baby Girl.


Brought to You by the "Scandal-Free" Øbama Crime Syndicate

Did any of you know about PIGFORD?

I was completely out of politics until 2001, 9/11/01 to be exact, and so maybe that's why I did not hear or read about this outrage whose genesis was in 1997.

It just came to my attention...and man is it out-of-control-corruption.

(I'm beginning to see how White Supremacists get that way.)

Article conclusion:

"Thus, Pigford is another scandal that has received little attention and even less discussion than many of the scandals currently in the news cycle.  Nevertheless, this scandal is another example of an administration out of control.  This is perhaps because Americans elected a leader without a modicum of real world management experience -- a person who believes that ideology trumps organizational discipline, who believes that political cronies are automatically qualified as leaders/managers, and who uses lies/dissembling as a tool to obscure factual information from the American people. 

In sum, the damage generated by the Pigford scandal, and all the others, continues to be muted by the MSM's lack of interest in reporting the facts integral to each issue and their lack of desire to dig for more information.  But given the daunting mass of scandals existent, President Obama's administration will be described in the future by objective historians as the most scandalous in history."


Monday, March 12, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Like Fish in a Barrel

"School shootings exemplify what would happen if we lost our right to bear arms. One (untrained) person with a gun is able to kill at will and pretty much control a school ( a thousand people? ). Imagine how easily controlled our populace would become when trained soldiers are the ones doing the shooting? Our right to bear arms ( and STRONG arms ) is non-negotiable.
I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I just had this random thought and wanted to share as it puts a bit of a different spin on the lefts narrative."

Truer words were never spoke...

 My response:

Amen, IHydra. You are exactly right.

And the incomparable malfeasance displayed by Broward County "government" demonstrates exactly why the fascist left's insistence the Government will protect us once we're given up our own weapons, is laughable - even if they WERE sincere. 


Sent this to Dan Bongino

Hi Dan,

I’m a news subscriber, and a relatively new listener. I just want to tell you how much I LOVE your podcasts. They are so informative, so logical, so entertaining.

But, I did want to make a point about today’s (Feb 20) in which you talked about how the Left wants restrictions on guns to save the children, but in fact it will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire guns.

Dan, I don’t think they care about dead children in schools. I don’t think they care about dead people in malls, at concerts or anywhere else. They don’t want to make guns harder to get for criminals because they might hurt some innocents. They want to disarm the American People so they can implement their Dystopian Leviathan Rapacious central government with their guns pointed at our helpless hearts.

If they really cared about “children”, they wouldn’t be for  abortion.

If they really cared about children, the disadvantaged, and senior citizens, they wouldn’t want government run health care…which would serve those populations about like the VA did veterans.

If they really thought all cops were filthy, racist thugs who killed innocent people indiscriminately, they wouldn’t want a police state where only the cops and the military have guns.

If they really thought veterans were so damaged by being in the military—that they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns—they wouldn't want a police state where only damaged military guys and filthy racist cops have guns.

Everything they say is a LIE. 

The Fascist Left (and by that I don’t mean the regular Democrat voters…they’re just suckers)…want to disarm us, and control our healthcare. Those two things will make us completely dependent on them for our lives with regard to the two big threats:  violence and disease! It will put us totally under their control, and that is what they want. They are all about POWER for themselves. And that is why they literally go out of their minds when anyone challenges that…er….TRUMP!

Anyway….that’s all I wanted to say. I think we need to stop giving the really Fascist Left any credence and credibility with regard to them caring about people, freedom, America, and their just being silly, illogical or mistaken. They do not; they are not. They are evil. And have nobody’s interests at heart but their own.

So….thanks again for your wonderful podcasts. Keep up the good work.

God bless. And God Bless America.


Find Dan Bongino here

Friday, March 02, 2018

Two Quotes

"Rudeness is a weak person's imitation of strength."  Pot Boys (

* * *

"When the law becomes tyrannical, good men become outlaws."  /gun

Boy's Got a Point...on

"Girls, if you have to look like a $2 whore to get a man's interest 
... you're not that interesting" 

Note:  "Veil" is not used in this context as ANY POSSIBLE reference to the disgusting, anti-woman, enslaving, vile "hajib" of the shitholes.

Stop. Look. Listen.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

NBA = Negro National Anthem?

Apparently some NBA teams are playing the "Negro National Anthem" before games.

And at the University of Texas, QPOC (colored queers) launched a "No Whites Allowed" magazine.

Here's the deal. I think these "people of color" should be able to have their own space, without any Whites in it. They can avoid subjecting themselves to evil White People and lead their entire lives without ever interacting with all those White Racists.

I think that we should all do it. It's such a cool idea. You know, White People only hang out with White People, no colored people allowed. And colored people only hang out with colored people, no White People allowed.

I, mean, it's a such a creative, unique concept! Think of all the friction we will avoid...all the hostility...all the racial issues and tensions and even violence that will instantly be solved when we never have to deal with anyone of a different race than ourselves again!

I applaud these brave students and basketball players for instituting this simple, obvious, and delightful solution.

So blacks will happily work together at black run businesses. Ditto Hispanics. And White People will be forced to work only at businesses that other White People own.

Blacks will enjoy shopping together at stores owned by blacks.
While Whites will be forced to shop only at stores owned by other White People

Just think...restaurants, playgrounds, neighborhoods, schools, bars, concerts, hospitals....each race will have their own to cherish and patronize.

It'll be GREAT. Oh....yeah....I came up with a word for this amazing new idea:


Cool huh?

What the Hell AM I?

I can't in good conscience call myself a Republican anymore. The Ryans and McConnells and McCains (and so many others) of the world make me cringe at the very idea of sharing a club badge with them.

I remember when I first changed by registration from Democrat to Republican. I felt like I was coming home.

But the GOPe and the RINOS and the Republican Swamp Creatures of Washington DC made me realize that too often both parties, whose politicians have been in office too long, are almost always seriously compromised.

Indeed, in too many cases, it's hard to tell the difference between the two sides  of what wittier people than I have called the UniParty.

So I've been looking for a suitable designation for myself.

Conservative has been my go-to choice. But sometimes it's not exact enough.

I'm also a Nationalist. Indeed, I'm a White Nationalist.

Now...THERE'S a designation that gets misinterpreted a bit, eh?

White Nationalist simply means someone who believes that White People have a right to have nations of their own...particularly the ones they founded, created, organized, sustained, labored for, fought for, died for...

America is one of those, as is every nation in Europe, as is Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

South Africa was ALSO one of those.And it is an object lesson in what happens when White People let hordes of others into their country...

So, how about we stop doing that??

More later.


The Two Menaces to a Free Society

There are two extremely dangerous threats to the Republic:

1)  The Mainstream Media

2)  Academia

I think we can all agree that if the MSM told the truth, Øbama would never have been elected. And that Hillary would have been an instant laughingstock right from the beginning. Indeed, she'd almost certainly be in jail, along with her posse for the outrageous crimes they've all committed against law, decency, the Constitution and America itself.

Almost all of what is wrong and dangerous for America today exists or is popular because it is advanced and supported by the MSM. They lie every single day in support of sick, bad, anti-Americans, and sick, bad, anti-American policies.

They promote the evil lies of their pets, and endlessly attack the truth of their opponents, the Constitutional conservatives who want nothing more...or less...than to have the nation live according to the actual law of the land.

The MSM are responsible for all outrageous actions, violence and statements we see coming from the Left. The MSM praises it, encourages it, advertises it, blesses it, and supports its worst, ugliest, most anti-American proponents.

The MSM must be dealt with if we are to save our Republic.

They are the current and immediate threat.

The more long-term threat is Academia:

The schools. From grammar to university.

Let's face it, most teachers are as Fascist Left as the MSM, as Pantifa, as BLM... And we have utterly surrendered the next generation into their care.

It's time we END government schools, and take our children back before they are irrevocably ruined by the sick, twisted, anti-moral, anti-social, anti-Christian, anti-American brainwashing they're forced to undergo every day in those hell-holes.

(Is "shithole" more appropriate?)


Down with Government Schools.

More later.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

AR-15 - Buy One


I wonder if Øbama ever did this?

Or Bill Clinton?

Or Chuckie Schumer

Or Adam Schiff?

Yeah, no.

God Bless President Donald Trump!
God Bless America!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What's Wrong...


This, and so many other great cartoons can be found here.

A.F. Branco is just so damned clever. The bush. The chair. Of the absurdist "portrait". And the face; so reminiscent of Richard Nixon.

Dems Have NO Honor

Solution is Not Complicated

What the Real Agenda?

I just want to get this straight.

The school shooting in Florida was a result of the government completely failing to do its job in in every single category possible on every level possible and in—apparently—every office & department possible, in protecting children directly in its care.

And the reaction of the Left is to scream and howl that citizens should give up their guns because they are so dangerous that only the government should have them. And that the government—with its guns—will protect us!

They're so transparent, I'm surprised we can see them at all.