Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Turn the Other Cheek. But Just Once!

Confused about the admonishment to "turn the other cheek" in the New Testament? What does it really mean? Does it mean we can't defend ourselves or fight back, or defend our civilization?


Read what Onar Am at Liberty News has to say about it.


"It may have something to do with honesty in relations to others. In John 8:32 Jesus says that “the truth will set you free.” When someone hits you on the cheek, was it an accident or misunderstanding? Was it a momentary lapse of reason, or was it a deliberate act reflecting something more sinister?
If you immediately strike back, you will never know. If, however, you turn the other cheek, you give the other person a chance to reveal his true self. Will he be ashamed and show remorse at your tolerance, or will he be emboldened and take advantage of it? Turning the other cheek will reveal the truth of what lies in their heart, and if you use it correctly you can use that truth to set yourself free from those who prey on your empathy and kindness.

If this interpretation is correct, you should be tolerant at first to allow the transgressor to show remorse and shame. If they don’t, you know the truth about the kind of people you are dealing with and you should withhold your tolerance."

("Withhold your tolerance" is an interesting...and promising phrase, eh, pedes and resisters?)

Read the whole thing here.


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