Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Immigration Issue Explained:

The Democrats are beginning to realize...especially after the election of Donald Trump, that regular...deplorable, fly-over Americans...even black and "latino" ones, are starting to see through their lies.

 They're stepping off the plantation. The Democrats' support—even with their fellow travelers in the media shoving Fake News down the throat of America—is fading. And that fading support translates into a loss of power, influence, status and MONEY that they are not prepared to ever give up without a matter the harm it does to the country.

They (admittedly, along with some RINO Republicans) have formed a Power Elite of which they are members, who enjoy all the benefits of royalty. They are immune from laws they make for the rest of us. They "serve" the public while making tens of millions of dollars on $145,000 annual salaries. They travel, eat, meet, greet, entertain, drink at taxpayers' expense, and deplore the very idea that taxpayers should be able to keep more of their own hard-earned money.

This lifestyle is at risk. They cannot have it if they are not elected , particularly as a majority, to the halls of power. They see their guaranteed re-elections potentially slipping through their fingers as the electorate gets "woke".

And THAT is why they want open-borders immigration. There is no concern for the welfare of the immigrants. They wish to import bodies that will flood the voting booths of America, and guarantee their re-election for decades to come. Indeed, keeping those voters poor, ignorant, hungry, idle and angry is the ONLY way they can make sure these NewSlaves stay on the Democrat/progressive/Fascist Left/collectivist/Globalist plantation.

And the very notion of WALL or an America with actual BORDERS is entirely anathema to that goal.



  1. I believe the illegal invading aliens are already voting in our elections, and not just in Mexifornia. The stupidity of the notion that minorities can't get voter ID is why it can happen, but it does happen because the Demos want it that way, because racism.

  2. I completely agree. The dems are losing Americans. They don't support the constitution, but socialism. Americans - normal ones - don't want socialism. So the dems need a new voter base and illegal aliens and 'refugees' will do just fine, thank you. They can keep them poor, ignorant, fearful, dependent and obedient for decades...and firmly in the democrat voting camp. that's the only way they win ANY elections..except in Hollywood or on University campuses.

    They will do ANYTHING to retain, gain POWER. Constitutionality be damned.