Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Names, names, names...

I've talked before about the phenomenon of black people constantly changing what they want to be called:

Nigra>Nigger>Colored>Negro>Afro-American>Black >African-American...

Illegals have done the same thing:

We used to call them "wetbacks"

But that became politically incorrect, so we made up a polite, if accurate name: "illegal alien".

But now that, too, has become unacceptable by people who break the law and sneak into our country gobbling up our resources, and too often, harming our citizens.

They want to be called "undocumented immigrants".

What's next?

"Undocumented Guests">Paperless Citizens">"patrons of social enrichment"?

Just no.



  1. I'm old enough to remember that horrible term used called "Greasers". Fortunately, it was changed into a more acceptable term: "Lubricanos".

  2. Okay, dude...now THAT'S funny!