Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Deport them ALL!

This story, which calls illegal aliens, "undocumented immigrants" tries to elicit sympathy for the "troubles" of people who have broken American law by sneaking into our country.

The most interesting thing about the story are the comments...virtually NONE of which support the tone or thrust of the story, and are to a man, infavor of all illegal aliens being deported...as am I.

And I am also in favor of the 14th Amendment NOT being applied in ways it wat NEVER intended to be applied:

The the children of criminals who sneak into our country against our lows, and happen to drop a baby after crossing the border.

The 14th Amendment, passed by Congress in 1866, had one intent:  to make sure the Children of Slaves—born in America, where considered "citizens" after slavery was abolished during the Civil War.

Children of criminal, illegal aliens born in America because their mother managed to sneak into the country—breaking our nation's laws— should remain "illegal aliens" and subject to deportation with their illegal alien parents.

The absurd argument regarding "breaking up families" would never be heard again.


PS....the reviled "illegal alien" is the polite term for "wetback".

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  1. What is even worse are the illegals who use the 14th intentionally, coming here specifically to have an "anchor baby" which then makes them "legal". It has _got_ to stop.