Thursday, March 02, 2017

"Nature-loving Environmentalist" abandon sick dogs in protest debris remains...

This makes me so mad I want to punch somebody.

The assholes who "protested" the Dakota Access Pipeline left the place awash in garbage and debris...

....because they care so fucking much about the environment...

But worse, they abandoned sick dogs and puppies in the trash dump to survive as best they could...ON THEIR OWN.

Animal rescue groups—who actually DO care about nature and her creatures—are sifting through the field of debris the "environmentalist" scumbags left to try to find all the poor animals.

Here's the story.

If you happen on one of these motherfuckers, please kick him in the balls—or the tits—whichever is applicable, for me, okay?



  1. Hi...yeah. Still here. Had a tragic death in the I've been kind of out of it.

    Thanks...will be back!