Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Heroes

By which I mean Ted Cruz as will be revealed in the article written by Jeffrey Lord, the second referenced hero—for taking on the establishment and so-called "conservative" Republicans who insist that "getting elected" —even if you compromise, or even abandon, your principles—is the most important thing.

This, finally, is a great, articulate argument why that is wrong, and why sticking to fundamental principles is ALWAYS better. For one's soul, for the movement, and for the country.

Sometimes it's awfully lonely out here on the fringes, believing, but being told by those with so much experience, credibility, and power that you're wrong.

Thank you Mr. Lord.

This declaration and clarification has been a long time coming, and is much appreciated.

Ted Cruz Extends the Buckley Rule, by Jeffrey Lord
The American Spectator

I am particularly interested in the fact that the article reveals that William Buckley himself, as well as others he endorsed ran as third party candidates...ignoring the persistent refrain from those trapped in the Republican mindset that this is a "two-party" system and anyone running as a third party is doomed to fail, and guaranteed to do damage to the Republican candidate.

Be that as it may, when the Republicans continue to run moderates (people who have no measurable principles) or liberals (people who have neither intelligence nor morals), people of conservative/libertarian conscience simply cannot support them.

It's really time that they learned that lesson. And if we can help Ted Cruz teach them, I'm all for it.

What Ted Cruz has accomplished is to bring the Cruz Extension of the Buckley Rule to life.

For 21 hours Ted Cruz stood alone on the floor of the United States Senate and vividly battled for “the rightwardmost viable issue.”

In doing so, Senator Cruz has reinvigorated the conservative movement, the Republican Party — and America itself.

There is a name for this.

It’s called leadership.


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