Friday, September 27, 2013

What Liberalism Really Is

I just finished Evan Sayet's book, KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks. The insight he has into the Liberal mind is astonishing. And I think there's no denying that he's right.

He explains why Modern Liberals* are always wrong, and their penchant for always defending the indefensible.

Every. Damned. Time.

Seriously. Think about it.

Liberals are always wrong. ALWAYS. They're never even right by accident or by chance...they defy the law of averages. They are ALWAYS on the wrong side of any argument.

In fact, you can literally (and safely) bet your life that they'll stand with, support and fight for:

the worst against the best,
the unsuccessful against the successful,
the unproductive against the productive,
the wasteful against the frugal,
the corrupt against the righteous,
the ugly against the beautiful,
the vulgar against the sublime,
the evil against the good,
the hateful against the loving,
the irresponsible against the responsible,
the violent against the peaceful,
the indecent against the decent,
the godless against the religious
the lazy against the industrious
the taker against the maker
the destroyer against the creator
the villain against the innocent
the criminal against the victim
the stupid against the intelligent
the ignorant against the learned
the dangerous against the safe
the foolish against the wise

And somehow, they believe** that in doing so, they are creating Utopia. And if we would only get out of the way they could make it happen faster, so all of humanity could live in happiness and harmony in this "perfect" world of their making. (Here's an article Sayet wrote in 2011 describing what that might look like!)

And they become infuriated when we demur.

These people are not just wrong. They are emotionally and intellectually retarded, infantile, and stupid. They are actually mentally ill.

And Evan Sayet explains it beautifully.


*Sayet calls Progressives and Liberals "Modern Liberals" to distinguish them from what we think of as "Classical Liberals".

**Now, you'll notice it did not credit them with "thinking" this...just "believing" it. Thinking has no place in their world, world-view, or Utopia.


  1. I have not read Sayet's book but I have read another book that explains the reason for liberal beliefs and predicted the state of affairs contained in your list (calling good evil and evil good basically). I'm sure you know what book I mean.

    I know you claim to be agnostic Gunny, but I don't think that means you have closed your mind to Biblically inspired ideas. I think you might find this interesting:

    That is where I go to church. Now I don't agree with Chuck Baldwin on some issues, but I do find him to be a source of inspiration. He did a sermon on guns and our responsibility to protect life. I don't recall the date or title but if I come across it, I'll post. I think you would find his Biblical perspective on liberty refreshing and reinvigorating, especially in the times we live.

  2. Got it, thanks. Will watch!