Thursday, September 26, 2013

The New Slavery

Story:  New Jersey's Disappearing Doctors.

Yeah. So. Here's the deal.

If healthcare is a RIGHT. And there are not enough doctors to provide healthcare to you in your area—say, New Jersey—aren't the RIGHTS of people in New Jersey violated because they don't have healthcare? do you un-violate their RIGHTS?

Do you force doctors to live and work in New Jersey where they obviously do not want to be, to make sure that the RIGHTS of the people of New Jersey are not violated by not having enough doctors to provide the RIGHT of healthcare to all?

What if the doctors won't stay, or won't move to New Jersey?

Does a government thug point a gun at their heads, arrest them, and drag them back to Jersey to provide for the healthcare RIGHTS of New Jersey-ites?

Doesn't the RIGHT of healthcare for all ultimately require the SLAVERY of people required to provide healthcare?

(Didn't the RIGHT to have cotton picked require the SLAVERY of people required to pick the cotton? How is this different exactly?)

And when people see that Doctors are enslaved in order to provide the RIGHT of healthcare for all, won't people stop studying medicine, and stop wanting to be doctors?

What then?

Will the government thugs come to schools and force students to attend medical school...beginning their lives of slavery to the State.

And why would such attitudes and behaviors be confined to Medicine?

How many occupations are at risk of becoming mandatory? Part of the slave-trade?

Is yours?



  1. Excellent piece.

    There was a speech by the Hildebeest back when she was in the primary war with Bamster where she revealed this as the true intention. I've looked for it a few times, but her daemons appear to have successfully scrubbed it off the web.

    She was addressing questions like this about doctor shortages in places like small rural towns and indian reservations. She said they'd just send doctors to those places to work and live. A reporter said something like, "but what if they don't know want to go?". She was stymied and croaked out an answer that started as they would be ordered to and then tried to soft pedal it.

    Wish I could find that.

    1. If I recall, that originated from her HillaryCare meetings. There were all kinds of quotas on specialists too. Hail Empress Hillary. Thank God she never got the ruby slippers.

    2. Gray...Wow...if you ever find it, please let me know!

      Tru...don't thank God yet. She's drooling all over herself for 2016, and if the GOP continue to savage the likes of Cruz and lionize the likes of McCain....she'll win.