Friday, August 02, 2013

Monster Fawns

Go ahead. Tell me the government and its jackbooted thugs are not totally out of control.

When they bust into an animal shelter—RAID an animal shelter, guns ablazin',  in order to kill an orphaned fawn...right under the noses of those trying to save her and send her to a wildlife preserve...

I dare you.

This is Giggles, the dangerous wild animal that had to be put down...according to "authorities."

And apparently the thugs in the great north are not the only clown babies shooting baby deer. Right across the bay from me, in infamous Oakland...cops were busy protecting the public by shooting a little deer that got lost and ended up in somebody's back yard.

They don't have a "policy" for what to do with little deer. So, you know, they fucking KILLED it. Well, that's a good idea. A helluva default position. If you don't have a policy on how to deal with something, default to:  KILL IT.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

THINKING didn't seem to be an option for these knuckle-draggin' cretins.

And to think we let cops have guns.

I'm never in favor of gun-control, but I could be convinced to make an exception in the case of the "authorities".


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  1. In Victorian England the only form of gun control was to not allow uniformed police officers to carry guns. It was felt that it would send the wrong message to the public and that if they needed one, they could always borrow one from a citizen. Quite a change in 100 years.