Friday, August 02, 2013

Only White Americans Have Ever Been Racist in the History of the World

It's hard to know whether Liberalism makes people stupid...or whether stupid people are just naturally attracted to Liberalism.*

Check this out:  This idiot, a "Georgetown Professor"....which will give you some idea of the intellectual poverty of universities in today's America...believes the following:

Georgetown University professor says that when non-white immigrants come to the U.S., they already have negative “notions of blackness” due to the racist “poison that’s been spewed from America” and the “seductive character of whiteness.
Because, you see, no one in the entire world is or has ever been "racist"; does or has ever held slaves, except the White People of the United States of America.

That's right. True story:  Racism and Slavery began in 1776 when the White People of the United States of America began to grow cotton, and decided they needed African slaves to pick it. It was only then that they went directly to Africa to capture charming, civilized, peaceful, literate, cultured, soulful, black folk and force them onto their plantations as slaves.

No one in the world had ever heard of such a thing as slavery before evil White People in the United States of America invaded by the thousands—like savage locusts—the Utopian lands of lushest Africa, and stole, wholesale, the noble natives right out of their cottages...and brutally tore them from their paradisaical homeland of love and brotherhood, and sharing and caring among all the worthy tribes of that majestic land.


It's impossible that anyone else in the entirety of history or in any other country has even noticed that people come in a variety of skin colors. And nowhere that is not poisoned by American values, does anyone, nor has anyone ever felt the slightest animosity toward people of different races and colors than themselves.

The only reason that could ever happen is if they have been morally corrupted by the filthy, ongoing, screaming, overt, unbridled racist culture and propaganda of the current White People of the United States of America.

And because whiteness is so seductive that everyone wants to be white...

...oh fuck it. I can't even parody this tortured bullshit a second longer.

I'm glad I'm not trying to say this shit out loud...cause I could not keep a straight face.


Oh....that's right, they're "professors" at American universities.

Good-bye sweet America.


*Actually I suspect both are true.


  1. Ah Gunny, the modern extreme liberalism literally believes that traditional rational objective academic research is not only outmoded but nothing but a tool by which white men have oppressed women and minorities around the world.

    No, the previous paragraph is not BS. Reality is not objective or rational but what liberals FEEL it should be. Honest. For real. Hence things such as historical records of non-Western slavery are simply ignored.