Saturday, August 03, 2013

Bugging out without leaving home

I'm not advocating the position this commentor stakes out with regard to God...but I can say that he's got a pretty solid point with the rest. If we DID NOT PARTICIPATE...Christians and Conservatives and Libertarians, working together, just might be able to produce the results he suggests.

It's a visionary idea. A different strategy. A new take on "passive resistance", and  I like it a lot.

Changing these two would change everything:  Education and the Media. Two of the foulest blots on our ever weakening culture.

by wintertime1

I see little reason for God to save this nation. Please see my posts above. My guess would be that God is especially annoyed with Christians and conservatives ( who should know better).
Three reasons:

1) Abortion
Millions can show up to buy a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A but can't figure out how to lawfully end abortion? Really?

2) The vast, vast, vast majority of conservatives and Christians send their children into godless Marxist dominated K-12 schools and universities. In these schools the children **must** think and reason godlessly just to cooperate in the classroom. How could it be otherwise? This is an evil thing to do to a child. In many counties and a fair number of states, if Christians and conservatives simply removed their children this evil would immediately come to a complete halt! Instantly!

3) Evil media exists because conservatives and Christians patronize it. If they ceased much of it would **immediately** disappear.

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  1. I take exception to calling anything that happens in Publik Skool, "thinking" and "reasoning." It's nothing more than absorbing and parroting propaganda, and learning the insanity of DoubleThink.

    Otherwise, dude's spot-on.