Friday, February 01, 2013

What's in a Name

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by the onslaught of evil raining down on us from Øbama's essentially illegal government.

I literally can't figure out what to do because I am being punched from so many directions I can't catch my breath or clear my head enough to get my bearings.

Every single thing the Imperial State does needs to be fought, addressed, resisted, exposed.

How the fuck do we keep up with all that?

How do we not get drowned in the torrent?

 I'm pretty smart. But I like things simple. And the current confusion has been making me crazy, ineffective, crippled, brain-locked.

(okay, quitting smoking might have had something to do with it, but it's been over 2 and a half years now....I think I need to move on from THAT excuse!)

Anyway, I think I've found my way.

When I tell you, you're going to say...."well, duh, GUNSLINGER!"'s the Second Amendment.

It's the one that guarantees the rest—that in fact guarantees liberty. And at ALL costs, we need to keep our guns—all of them—our ammo, our right to defend ourselves against an out-of-control government—you know, pretty much the one we have now.

I get that there's a lot more going on in the country than the Emperor and his minions trying to disarm us...but I just can't focus on it all, and trying to is making me frustrated and feeling like an inept & inadequate loser. I've gotta focus on the thing that seems most important to me. One thing that I can work on, and maybe actually make a difference.

And hope that others will specialize in other areas that need to be addressed.

Like the Industrial Revolution:   Division of Labor.

Hey, it's the best I got.


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