Friday, February 01, 2013

Sad & Hilarious

'Kay, here's the deal. I'm gonna tell you this...'cause I think it's so goddamned funny. Problem is, I heard it spoken live...and I'm going to be writing it, so it might lose something in the translation.

My local morning talk show guys were talking about that sad football player that was fooled into thinking the "girl" he met online, and spoke to over the phone, but never actually saw...and whom he fell in love with and mourned when she supposedly died...

The speculation, apparently, is that the male who faked the voice of the "girl" was gay, and was smitten with our football player, and that somehow he hoped that after the guy's emotions were involved in the relationship...when he revealed he was really a male, somehow said football player would still "love" him.

Joe, one of the hosts, remarked in conclusion:

"Eventually it all comes down to genitalia, and boy howdy, that's a deal breaker!"

And I laughed out loud.  That, my friends, is a hilarious sentence. And I'm glad I lived long enough to hear it.



  1. Gunny:

    Very sad day with the passing of the great Lee Rodgers - arguably the most significant conservative influence in the Bay Area for the past couple of decades. Very sad tribute posted by his wife Susan on his blog:

    And now, if you'll excuse me...

  2. Yes, I listen to the current team because Lee has been off the air for a while. I didn't know he died. Thanks for the info. Sad. He was a VERY smart and funny guy.