Friday, February 15, 2013

The Real State of the Union

Okay, this here is just out-and-out theft. But I can't figure out a better way to get these particularly pithy and important contributions to the conversation in front of you.

Just pointing at the page is too general, these can get lost in the shuffle I hope they forgive me...

This conversation begins talking about watching YDBT (YouDidn'tBuildThat) giving the SOTU address the other night.



I watched it for as long as I could stand that piece of fecal matter, which was about five minutes.

What blows me away isn't what a callow, bigoted, ignorant, angry, self-absorbed, delusional, mean-spirited, character-free, pathological, lying narcissist he is.

It is that anybody - ANYBODY ON THIS PLANET over the age of 11 - cannot see through this malevolent non-entity.

Any adult (or even teenager) who does not see what Obama is really shouldn't be allowed to dress themselves in the morning, much less go out into the world.

I realize that people hitch their wagon to his "star" because they share his juvenile view of the world, or because they believe his being black trumps all else, or because they, too, are vandals who want to destroy this country, or because they are crooks who in one way or another make their living off of the rape of the Americans who make this country work.
But these are NOT the people who should be citizens of this country. Perhaps we should deport the 51% of MORONS who voted for a piece of sewage for president to their own desert island so they can destroy each other and let us continue to execute the blueprint the founding fathers so wisely laid out.


I'm afraid it's going to come to that Grzmlyk, civil war, winners takes all, losers get booted the hell out of America.


Nope. Fracturing is what's going to happen. There will be the Old America (us) and the New Amerika (them). There will be a mass migration of the takers to Amerika and a mass migration of the producers to America - assuming Amerika lets them leave.


But they know deep down that without "makers," the "takers" aren't long for this earth. That's the dirty little truth of socialism. Or, to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher's, eventually, you run out of other people's money.

Socialism is slavery - a parasitic economic system; once it kills the host, it dies shortly thereafter, and these liars know this.


Grz, except for the fact of the abject stupidity of our particularly American brand of takers, you would be correct. Our takers will believe anything their messiah tells them. They will gladly go waltzing off to the gulags.


Seems to me these bastards on the left would jump at the chance to go off and create their little pristine, hug-filled Utopia in which equality for EVERYBODY (everybody except each and every one of THEM, of course) reigns supreme, a world of unselfish perfection unsullied by the selfish greed of free marketers, a world in which childish dreams are unpunctured by the pin-prick of an adult world view.

But what fun would that be? The real joy of being a leftist isn't the promise of multiculturalism or social/economic/racial justice or everybody paying their "fair share" or even the apotheosis of professional victims.

If you're a leftist, The real joy of being a leftist is grinding other people under their boo theel. Subjugating other people to their will. Coercion. Bullying. Hurting. That's what gets your average, run-of-the-mill leftist up in the morning. Just look at the history of troll comments here. Without exception, they reveal hatred, grotesque fetishizing of power and an unbridled sense that, as long as they say the right things, they have a Gaia-given right to bust a few heads.

It's too bad so many Americans enjoy lying supine before a lash wielded by sadists intoxicated by the smell of blood.


 This last by Grzmlyk is a variation on my belief that all Progressives are incipient Mass Murderers. and D.C. Clothesline's iteration of the argument.

And that part in RED is exactly what I think of the Left. They enjoy hurting others. They are actually EVIL. Spawn of Satan if you believe in that sort of thing. And like all other undisciplined, appetite-driven men, they will indulge their pleasures and vices with a single-mindedness that otherwise might be admirable. They. Will. Never. Stop.

They are like rapists and pedophiles. Their happiness REQUIRES the pain and suffering of others. And they are as insensitive to it as both.

They are like addicts of the most addictive drugs. They can never get enough. But worse than drug addicts who usually understand that what they are doing is destructive and evil, Progressives have convinced themselves that their sick, destructive appetites are actually good for those they consume, assault, destroy, impoverish, enslave.

No simple criminal will ever do as much harm to individual men, or to mankind as this plague of Progressive locusts.


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  1. Their happiness REQUIRES the pain and suffering of others.


    What really sucks is that those they foist said pain and suffering on CHOOSE IT WILLINGLY!