Sunday, February 10, 2013

American Crossroads

We all know, right...not to give a dime to these deceitful fakers?

Karl Rove and his band of establishment bullies are running what he's calling the Conservative Victory Project...which is essentially in the business of doing just the opposite. That is, making sure we upstart freedom-loving, tea-party, libertarian-leaning patriots and our candidates are smeared, ruined and defeated, so establishment, i.e. progressive, big-government, party-boss-bully Republicans, are safe from challenges from the right.

I can't figure out why Rove feels this is a winning strategy...after all he blew over half a billion dollars NOT getting Romney elected. His idea of a winning candidate, or a winning strategy seems to have begun and ended with W. And I think, in retrospect, it had a LOT more to do with W than with Rove. Even though he got the credit.

And his pretense of being a Reagan insider and early supporter is patently false. He is straight up lying. While at the same time wants your money to back tired, principle-free, no-backbone, clueless Republicans in races they won't win.

Tell everyone you know. Do not give a DIME to American Crossroads or the fraudulently titled Conservative Victory Project.

Read more about it at American Spectator.

The Gunslinger

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