Friday, February 08, 2013

Hagel, Schmagel, What a Loser

This over at POWERLINE:

Time To Stick a Fork In Hagel

He’s done. The idea that anyone who refuses to disclose his sources of income from foreign governments and organizations could be confirmed as Secretary of Defense is ludicrous, even in the surreal Age of Obama. Now Ben Shapiro of ups the ante:
On Thursday, Senate sources told Breitbart News exclusively that they have been informed that one of the reasons that President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has not turned over requested documents on his sources of foreign funding is that one of the names listed is a group purportedly called “Friends of Hamas.” …
Called for comment and reached via telephone, Associate Communications Director at the White House Eric Schultz identified himself, heard the question, was silent for several seconds, and then hung up the phone immediately without comment.
It will be interesting to see who Obama’s next SecDef nominee might be.


Does it get weirder and more through-the-looking-glass than this??
WTF is going ON at this White House.

Look, I get that ZerØ isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but do all his friends fall on the left side of the Bell Curve too?

It's not like this is a strategic move. It's just stupid. Makes them all look stupid, without any discernible gain or advantage.

What is the matter with these people. This may be the most embarrassing administration in the history of America. And I'd give a lot to see its history written by someone other than a slobbering sycophant.


UPDATE: Feb 10, 2013

Just read this again, and it occurred to me that these idiots are so bad that maybe the media is actually doing us all a favor by covering up for this president. It could be that if we knew the sheer amount of amateurishness, incompetence, inadequacy, deficiency, stupidity, ignorance and ineptness of this entire administration, from the 'Bamster & the Beast to their odious collection of BFFs (fools, dolts and dunces), we might all have nervous breakdowns.

Hey, the media have managed to leak the worst stuff (or so it seems): Bengazi, American-killer drones, and the loathsome Hagel. Maybe they're doing the best they can with a bad situation, just trying not to panic the public with the harrowing details.

Maybe the media are heroes....doing their very best to preserve the Republic.

Yeah, right.


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  1. These people are not stupid though they certainly are not the geniuses they and their followers think think they are. They are obsessed with the idea they should RULE without being questioned. If they are caught in a situation like the one described here, the only stupidity they will admit is getting caught, if they even admit that.

    The media will spin this differently if they report it at all. If Hagel goes down, it is because of the Jewish lobby and partisan politics. Liberals will shrug their shoulders and simply say so what, it's no big deal.