Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who you gonna call?

Break the Matrix's Tom Mullen has a suggestion.

Make Obama Watch Ghostbusters

And after reading his makes perfect sense.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum

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  1. Damn skippy! One may laugh at the whole "subtext" genre of analyzing pop-culture movies (I sure have!),but it DOES have validity,if the analyzer doesn't disappear up their own ass,using "dialectic-speak" to impress fellow wanna-be academics rather than effin' COMMUNICATING with fellow Humans. As I get older tho not necessarily wiser,I more appreciate that dreaded subtext of old and new movies/t.v.series, their value in passing on the best of tried-and-true Traditional Values while...Hell,just telling a good story! And I'm glad to acknowledge the whispers that are "Subtexts",in movies or tales. It's how our species has passed on ancestral wisdom in subliminal ways. A coded message to the "Smarter Ones"...They get the message,and are honor-bound to use it to better Life and Liberty.It's why we had such a special gift in 1776...