Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lies and Decline

Comments from a friend of a friend, in South Africa:
"I have been enjoying your recent posts with regard to life in the USA! Curiously, news reports over here are all still hyper-positive with regard to the current Administration. From reading them, one concludes that God himself now sits in the White House! In fact, you cannot find so much as a single unenthusiastic jot nor tittle! No mention here of your out-of-control national debt, nor double-digit unemployment! Your president can apparently do no wrong, according to our media.

With yours, and now even the European Press, the blush is slowly fading from the rose!

Our media, like yours, are a disgrace to their profession! Rather than guardians of truth, they are guardians, and promoters, of political agendas. They have scant regard for truth, routinely reporting what they wish were true, rather than what they know to be true.

By comparison, they make Al Jazeera look downright enlightened!"
The original recipient, my friend, adds:
The politicization of our news media, like the politicization of education, art, and now even science, is a clear sign of a declining civilization.
Can We save it?

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum

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