Friday, November 06, 2009

Muslim Terrorist Attack

They can call it whatever they want. We know what it was.

The wall to wall coverage does say one thing: it's rare enough—so far—in the United States that we can take the time to examine every single facet of this dirtbag's filthy Muslim life...and publicly wonder....

..."Why Did He Do It?"

I don't think they bother doing that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or, say, Israel. They pretty much know the minute it happens.

I love the tender care the news media takes to not call it a "Muslim Terrorist Attack" while they turn over every tiny stone in his background... trying to find "clues" to his motivation.

Can we please start with the assumption—when someone with a Arabic name cold-bloodedly murders a bunch of innocent Americans—that he's a fucking filthy Muslim terrorist rather than pretending we have NO IDEA what could POSSIBLY make a MUSLIM man do such a thing....while we go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the obvious?

Is that possible in our absurdly weak-kneed, politically correct, "sensitive", suicidal America?

Did anyone reading this doubt, the moment they heard this savage's name, what the hell happened?

I didn't think so.

Does anyone think the firing squad is out of the question? At dawn tomorrow?

Didn't think so.

The Gunslinger, ETOIS
Para Bellum


  1. Hey Slingbaby,

    For some reason I can't paste links in your comments, and I ain't typing 'em, so head on over to my crib and follow the links in the post titled "A MORE LIKELY SCENARIO".

    I can't believe he's still alive after being shot four times. I'm downtown with a firing squad at dawn.

    Yabu...EOTIS, Realist, Patroit, Son of the Revolution

  2. Well said G.S.! I would even Re-up four more years for the opportunity to be behind that trigger of justice! Kill them all and let God sort them out !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. "Kill them all and let God sort them out!"

    I still have a T-shirt with that on it.