Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fuck the Generals

Two handguns. One Muslim. 12 dead. 31 injured.

Everybody else's guns locked up in the armory.

Gun-free zone.

Military base.

Lots of dead young soldiers.

Because the Army is afraid of guns.

Hell. Handbasket.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. You got it G.S.! We been there for some time by way of a big pink handbasket ! It is a very unfortunate event that has happened today ! This just go to show the hate that is taught by the muslim faith. My heart is very heavy that we have lost Brave American Soldiers once again at the hands of another muslim. The shame of it all is that there is one in the whitehouse that sends his false condolences to the families of the murdered soldiers. Enough is enough, my question is don't they have a descent shooter in the bunch why is the shooter still alive ? Out of respect for our fallen SOLDIERS please observe a moment of silence and say a Prayer for them and their families after reading this!!!! May God Have Mercy on Our Country and give their families the strength to make it through this needless tragedy.

  2. s. situation
    n. normal
    a. all
    f. fucked
    u. up

  3. yeah, but PINO (prez in name only - of course) cares SOooo much about dead soldiers, he rambles on for 2 minutes, gives a "shout out" to his pal and then rambles on again about Fort Hood... geeeeez... well, for him I suppose it was no biggie, muslims just doin' their jihad thang? shout out to all the muzzies?

    lock and load... comes to mind

  4. Terrorists in the U.S. Military, Terrorists in the White House. A definite S.N.A.F.U. I believe that it is definetley way past time for Change ! The military code of justice dictatates that he should be tried swiftly if convicted, Thank God that they still have the DEATH PENALTY in the Military. FIRING SQUAD seems only fitting for this terrible treason committed . That is if he isn't given a pardon by his friend in the whitehouse. Send his ass to meet allah by way of 5.56 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The military's "hatred of guns" is well known to a couple of friends of mine who are contracted to teach Marines how to shoot handguns.

    (Marines are taught to be RIFLEMEN by the Corps.)

    The Brass is always freaking out because they run a "hot" range...with all participants carrying loaded guns throughout the training.

    Standard procedure at a Marine (MARINE!) range is unloaded guns until one is actually taking aim at the target. (Load, cock, shoot...every single time!)

    Current procedure in COMBAT ZONES is for troops to empty their guns, and turn them in to the armory when they return to base from a mission, and be issued weapons only when they're going out on one.