Saturday, October 17, 2009

"I know YOU are but what am I?"

Jacob Weisberg. If there was such a thing as a Chutzpah Gold Medal....he would get it.

It's hard to believe anybody who can tie his shoes could believe any of what this nincompoop commits to "paper" for the world to see.

His mother may have a case against the doctor that delivered him...for brain damage during birth.

I can't see any other explanation for the this collection of errors, lies, misrepresentations, false accusations, idiocies, illogic, falsehood, slander, name-calling and complete unconscious projection.


A textbook case of the brain-dead Left doing a PERFECT job describing itself while imagining it is analyzing another.

I begin to believe there is a conspiracy afoot to discredit, and ultimately silence Fox News—I'm thinking between the White House and its Slobbering Media lap dogs.

And I don't like where this is going....not one bit.


The Gunslinger
Neo-Revolutionary Enemy of the Imperial State


  1. Ol'Jake there is clearly suffering from dain bramage. One would suppose he thinks the traditional news outlets are fair and balanced as well as omniscient. Just look at the way they were on top of the ACORN fiasco and the Van Jones scandal. I think these lickspittle's are as incapable of original thought as they are real ingestigative reporting. Include their short memories about the way THEY treated Bush. Not that he didn't deserve at least some of it, but it was spectacularly one sided. Let us not forget MSN's attempts to constantly downplay and marginalize any oppostion to the ONE and to put such groups or people in as bad a light as possible.

    FOX does have it's faults, but at this time and space, it along with talk radio and the I-net seem to be the only places out there where you can get a point of view that opposes that of the lametream media and the administration they fawn over.

    I have said it before here and on other blogs that talk radio and the I-net are like a safety valve on a pressure cooker. They are the only places the the common Constitutional citizen has these days to make his First Amendment voice heard, as we seem to be downplayed by the media and ignored by our elected reprehensibles. Take that safety valve away and see what happens.

    I will now seek a moment of peace and reload my magazines. They just re-opened the local Nat'nl Forest for shooting in my area and I intend to polish my skills. They may come in handy in the future.......just exercisin' my Second Amendment rights. You should too. If you don't have a gun, spit in their eye and buy one! Just be sure to learn how to use it correctly. Slinger, you are obviously excluded from those last statements unless you want to buy more.

    A. Nonny Mouse

  2. A. Nonny Mouse, your analysis is spot on. As always, the Leftists never think anything through, and the "unintended consequences" of their actions are always hideous. And if they take our "safety valve" away, which they seem to think will silence us...well, I wouldn't want to be responsible for the results.

    And yes...I ALWAYS want to buy more!

    Here in CA, they've passed a law for tracking ammo sales. It'll go into effect in 2011 I will also outlaw buying it on the internet!

    There will be MASS purchasing from now till then.

    And Nevada ammo stores will find an "unexpected" uptick in their retail sales ever after.

    California, as usual, in order to catch criminals has once again penalized businesses and legal guns owners.

    Oh yes, and themselves. They will receive fewer taxes becaue people will go out of business, and all those "ammo tourists" will be spending their money and tax dollars in other states.

    That's Liberal gummint thinking for you.

  3. I feel your pain sister. I too live in the Peoples Repulic of Kalifornia, in north county San Diego.