Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gutless Gridiron

How Rush gave America its Sundays back.

The spectacle of the NFL displaying its cowardice was eye-opening. Will anyone ever look at them same again, when none of the yellow-bellies had the balls to stand up against the "offensive line" of bullshit being thrown at Rush Limbaugh?

Shame on the lily-livered assholes. I'm glad I gave up on pro football when the scurvy Raiders left Oakland the first time—and broke my heart.

And now the game Rush loves, and the players he respects broke his. Of course he won't say so. He is a MAN. Unlike the skulks and skunks of the NFL and the Slobbering Media.

And, God I hate them for it.

Fuck 'em all.

Rush, you're too good for them. They don't deserve you.

The Gunslinger

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  1. I agree with you it is a damn shame!