Sunday, October 18, 2009

Honduras Fail?

Zalaya is back. And that can't be good , especially when you've got NGO assholes saying things like this:

"...coordinator for DanChurchAid (DCA) Katja Levin, who is actually visiting Central America. ... also tells that there is an increasing conscience within the democratic movement in Honduras about the need for constitutional changes that can further a more democratic and just society.

'The positive aspects of the actual crisis are that a lot of Hondurans no longer passively are sitting and looking at corrupt politicians and an elite that is getting still richer. Now the Hondurans have grasped the opportunity and the courage to react and to think that a change is possible' says Katja Levin from Central America.

That is Communist code-speak. Got all the right words: "increasing conscience", "democratic movement", "constitutional changes" (the pesky constitution that legally prevents Zalaya from proclaiming himself "Dictator for Life"), "more democratic and JUST society"

Oh, and don't for get the "the think that a CHANGE is possible..."

Yes we can.

And an entire world of incipient dictators - now including Europe and the United States, apparently, persist in calling the removal of the Chavez imitator, Zalaya, a "coup". Doesn't that mean they're calling the Honduran Supreme Court, national Legislature, Army, and the Constitution....illegal? Am I missing something?

And they call the Zalaya supporters "rights activists". Whose "rights" exactly?

Those of Communists who feel they have the "right" to enslave another population? Who feel they have the "right" to violate their national constitution? Who feel they have a "right" to declare their boy President for life" matter what every branch of a duly constituted constitutional government has decided?

The People of Honduras are in for a shit-storm. And if they prevail, they'll be our hemisphere's Israel...where every surrounding country is hostile and major players in their world are out to destroy them. Of course, it won't be Iran as the biggest threat and bully in their neighborhood threatening their soverignty and'll be the United States.

When the fuck did THIS happen?

The Gunslinger

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