Sunday, October 18, 2009

Balloon Daddy

Okay, I admit, I'm not up on this story. I'm glad the kid's okay, and the rest in uninteresting.

Because I'm not paying attention to it, I don't know all the facts. But it seems to me this guy is getting persecuted by a media, apparently with nothing better to do—never mind that the country is on fire—because he's peculiar.

I don't trust a single thing the Slobbering Media says because they are incompetent, lying bastards, as they've proved repeatedly and beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And now we've got "Child Protection" government goons looking to destroy the family because a 6-year-old said something that smells like blood to the sharks.

If the whole things was a hoax, Daddy should have to pay the entire costs of the "rescue" operation. Period. Teach him a lesson.

Otherwise, leave the interesting/odd family the hell alone. How about we let the children of interesting/odd parents enjoy their interesting/odd childhoods...and grow up to be better people than the mindless zombies currently trying to eat their brains.

The Gunslinger


  1. Yep, the media sure knows how to pick the important stories to cover. Anything to distract us from what is really happening. Like that big treaty coming due to be signed in Copenhagen.

    See the story over at Dr Bulldog and Ronin on Lord Christopher Monkton's comments. Your site won't let me post a link.

    A. Nonny Mouse

  2. can never figure out how to do it either in comments. Just copy the whole URL. We can copy and paste.

    I heard Monkton's comment this morning on Rush...

    Pretty damned scary.

    Signing a treaty that compromises our sovereignty may create a constitutional crisis.

    After all, it violates the Constitution to sign a treaty that violates the Constitution!

    People can't just go around willy-nilly doing that without SOME repercussions!