Monday, October 19, 2009

From Sword at the Ready

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An Exhausted Nation Cries for Help

I warn you now:
Do not wake up this beast.
Allow it to slumber. Allow it to live under the beliefs, freedoms and original intent of our founding fathers. Allow America to stay a free, Constitutional God fearing nation.
If you do not abide by these wishes, I warn you based on the history of our country and the resolve of the citizens when their ire crosses the border of resolution via traditional manners.
The giant is vengeful.
The giant is merciless.
The giant is righteous yet wicked in its methods.
The consequences of forcing our nation to change against its will is not a swing in the pendulum of history; it is the destruction of the pendulum and rebirth of a new nation.
The giant will end all discussions, all contemplations, all neutrality and settle all matters and any scores without logic or reason if need be.
I beg you elites to quit prodding, poking, attacking and taunting the giant before it is too late.

"I fear for my country." - Glenn Beck

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State


  1. The alarm clock has been going off for quite some time now. I guess the real question remains how many more times will the snooze button be hit?

  2. People are waking up. Question is, is it in time to take our country back peacefully?

  3. We will try peace first because we are a civilized people, then we get barbaric. Now where did I put my club? LOL !!!!!!!!!. No seriously I would hope for the sake of this country that people are waking up and that they are actually paying attention to whats happening. Let us pray that they see the light before the muzzle flashes. Keep spreading the word GS!

  4. Absolute Nathan...our rule:

    We do not draw first blood!

  5. Patiodaddy/Kentucky22/10/09 8:43 AM

    I agree with you guys, we will try to achieve the "change" peacefully with the elections. I will wait for the other side to draw first blood as well. But when they do............

  6. You do not know how exhausted the nation really is.
    Quietly flying under the radar, without a remark or comment from a single news source is the remarkable news from the FDIC - check their site - that in this, the first great year of change, 98 banks have gone under.

  7. Patiodaddy/Kentucky22/10/09 12:25 PM

    ciccio: I know the country is exhausted and we are about to see Wall Street pt.2. The stock market is over 10,000 oil is back around $88/barrel and the White House is telling us we are coming out of it. BS! Home forclosures are spiking again, factories/companies continue to shut down, the Banks as you mentioned are continuing to fail.......can you say De' ja vu? I predict a fall of immense preportions in the next 3-4 months. So sad.

  8. Okay people. I think it might be time for us to do more than talk. I was trying to convince a friend at work, who is probably more or less Liberal....but is also open to other opinions, and whom I think I have managed to scare by some of the things I've told him.

    I was going off today, and realized how I must look to him...a conspiracy nut...and I admitted that I knew I must sound like I came from crazy town...but that it was all true!

    He said...that's okay, you believe what you believe...and I came back with ...NO! It's not a question of "faith", I KNOW these things to be true...and he actually looked a bit shaken, and asked me "how long" before the collapse I was talking about happened.

    He is in his mid 60's, and I think he was trying to decide if he had enough time to just live out the rest of his life...and not worry about it...or whether he was going to be jacked up by the disaster in his lifetime.

    I told him that it didn't matter "how long"...I said that we have a responsibility to preserve freedom for the whole of mankind. That if the light of hope and freedom is extinguished in the United States...the light is gone from the world.

    And I don't want to meet my maker having done nothing to defend that.

    At that he nodded...he'd never thought about it in those terms...

    I might have made a convert...only because he is open minded. And we've been friendly work-colleagues for a while.

    But as I said what I least in the beginning...I could "feel" how crazy I sounded.

    I AM one of those "nuts" whom the MSM and the "regular" people roll their eyes.

    I don't do much ranting in public because I realize how pointless it is here...but, Glenn Beck...when I do to those who don't get it...I can see how nuts it sounds.

    Of course, they will find out in the end...and I'll have the bragging rights to "I told you so".

    But...fuck....that's not much of a compensation for the end of the world as we know it...and the end of the gift of freedom, fought so hard for and defended so long.

  9. There are some practical suggestions and some good investigative blogging going at this site:

    never give up hope... if we could convince EVERYONE in the USA to NOT pay their 2009 taxes... think the regime would 'listen' then?!

  10. An update on my comment of 22/10/09. On Friday another three banks joined the list, bringing the total for the year to 101..