Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DOJ Bullies North Carolina Town

A small NC town found itself in the sights of the DOJ when its citizens voted to end the use of party affiliations on ballots in local elections.

The Imperial State has decreed that the town cannot do that, despite the fact that an overwhelming number of town voters passed it.

You see, the Øbama State has determined, according to the Washington Times, "equal rights for black voters cannot be achieved without the Democratic Party", and without voters knowing who the Democrats are on the ballot, people might accidentally vote for a Republican (and presumably an Independent)—which self-evidently will prevent the advance of "equal right for black voters."

So, the Department of Justice of Øbama's Federal Government is forcing a town, against their will, to identify candidates by party, because black people need to vote for their "candidates of choice"...which apparently the DOJ has determined are Democrats who are Black.

Is there anything about this that is NOT Plantation Master behavior? Is there anything about this that is acceptable in a "free" country?

What the goddamn fuck.

The Gunslinger


  1. Love your passion for Liberty GS ! I NOMINATE YOU! Told ya you need to run for President ! The Free States are going to need a LEADER of your caliber when this is all over with to maintain that freedom !

  2. "Plantation Master"...I've got to remember that.

    This year (2009) Kinston, NC recieved the All-America City Award, which is "the oldest community recognition program in the nation and recognizes communities whose citizens work together to identify and tackle community-wide challenges and achive uncommon results."

    Australopithecus Africanus...EOTIS, Plantation Escapee...Fox News Supporter.

  3. Anony....good grief....I'm having trouble organizing one county....or course, I don't have an army....hmmm.

    Sam...NICE LIST! Dude, glad to see you're getting into the act!

  4. Where's Sam Adams when we really need him

  5. Ah who needs an army anyways? They didn't have one in the founding of this country. They just had citizens who were willing to stand up and fight the tyrants. History is always bound to repeat itself again. Nobody in their right mind would wake up every day and say I wish I were a slave. FREEDOM is the responsibility of the citizens of this country and FREEDOM WILL BE DEFENDED by WE THE PEOPLE! "GS FOR PRESIDENT" ! Has a nice ring !

  6. Truth be told....any of us would do a better job than Øbama. In our sleep. Stoned.

    Because we actually love this country, and value freedom.

  7. Agreed about GS for potus, or maybe run for a local office and see how you like it? :)

    p.s. I could do a better job of running things in the USA now... and I live in NZ.

  8. Lisa....LOL....I'd certainly trust you to know more of the history, the value, the mission and the meaning of the United States of America than the boneheaded marxists in the White House...and most of the Congress.