Monday, October 26, 2009

Bitch Thinks We're Stupid

If she just calls Government Run/Socialized Medicine the "Competitive Option" she apparently thinks we'll go for it.

Does she think that we have no more understanding of "competition" or "free market" than the ability to say those words?

Does she think we are like Liberals for whom wishes are facts?

Does she think that because she calls something "competitive" we will actually believe it is?

My God the woman is stupid. And evil. And insulting our intelligence to a degree almost not to be imagined.

Oh my yes...."Nancy Pelosi has called her government run, government controlled, government owned and operated, special-interest-gift monstrosity 'competitive'...therefore, since I'm for 'competition', I'll support it!"

I want to call her a bad name. But I can't think of one bad ENOUGH.

Deepest circle of hell.

Best I can do.

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State

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  1. Some food for thought and ammunition to fight health care. Current Federal, State, County, Civic and military employees are about 19 million, 6.3% of the population. In the UK that number is nearly 7 million, a quarter of which work in the NHS, 11.3% of the population. 22% of NHS doctors and all senior government official have private insurance. Very much like teachers in the public school system sending their children to private schools. The system works like this: the government provides schools and hospitals for the voters, it is good enough for them. It is not good enough for the ones who arrange this.