Monday, October 26, 2009

Dunderheaded Aristocracy

Stop Eating Meat....for Mother Earth.*

This from the same morons who are in conniptions over the (false) endangerment of the Polar Bear, those well known vegetarians.

I can't WAIT until all humans are limping around with crusty, pasty skin, stringy hair, and muscles half the size of their ancestors.

I say we convince the Terrorists to do it; but let my canine teeth do what God intended: tear flesh.

That's it. My eyes are rolling too far back in my head for me to see the screen sufficently to write a longer post. 

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Stupid Imperial State

*One assumes the "Lord" responsible for articulating this poppycock is a hereditary one—in whose family the genes have obviously gone entirely to pot.


  1. Imagine how terrible the global warming must have been when millions upon millions of buffalo roamed the great plains.

  2. they want us to get rid of the high carbon footprint cat and dogs....but why stop with them? Why not kill all those a co2 producing elephants, moose, wolves, dolphins, harp seals, lions, tigers and bears. Especially the biggest bears of all... POLAR bears?

    You "save" the "earth" for....uh......?

  3. I rather resent your comments about the hereditary aristocracy, most of them care far more about their country and heritage than the entire house adle-brained lefty labour life peers like Stern.

  4. ciccio....I stand corrected. Lord Monckton (sic?) is a perfect example.

    Was just using the stereotype of inbred royal families where idiocy necessarily arises...