Monday, August 03, 2009

Changing the Fable

You've heard the story about the Sheep Dogs and the Wolves, right?

In that story the sheep are the common citizens, the Sheep Dogs are the Good Warriors protecting them, and the Wolves are the criminals and sundry other enemies.

I'm changing the story. And the characters.

In my story, the sheep are the helpless, hapless, frightened, passive sheeple who bleat to be taken care of by someone else.

The Sheep Dogs are agents of the Imperial Government paid to keep them that way.

And the Wolves are the free, fierce, independent ones harassing the thuggish Sheep Dogs while trying to get the Sheeple to realize that they were not born sheep, but free Wolves, who got beguiled and trapped in sheep's clothing by the blandishments and lies of the Imperial Government.

The Sheep Dogs (in my story) are not honorable, brave defenders keeping the Wolves out...but ruthless prison guards keeping the Sheeple in. 

The Wolves are the liberated and the liberators...

Embrace your inner Wolf. 

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State (EOTIS)
Vampire/Cannibal Hunter
Member of the Ûlfhednar (Wolf Clan)


  1. What if the majority of the people are sheep by nature not nurture? What if they are voting for the sheep dogs because freedom and free people frighten them more than slavery.

    Is it in our best interests to work to change the system or merely the masters? Do I have a moral obligation to risk for people who will take none?

    Just asking. What does create the sheep and how should that effect the behavior of the wolves?

    1. I'm inclined to agree. Go into any civilization anytime anywhere and the majority are sheep, Eloi who just want to passively live their lives until the dinner gong sounds. Naturally they get angry if you try to wake them up. Just as naturally they voted for the guy who keeps the 'free' food & health care flowing and mortgages flowing. Ultimately the wolves have to recognize that it's morally perverse to be dragged down by people who can't or won't fight to defend what better men than they created, and from which they benefit. Eloi sheeple are traitors and parasites by definition ...

  2. Nicely done. And a thought provoking comment as well from Arctic Wolf.

  3. Arctic Wolf,

    re: Majority
    1) You know it doesn't take a majority to change the world!

    re: Change Masters
    2) You know we can't support tyranny, no matter who's in charge!

    re: Moral Obligation
    3) What choice do we have?
    The only way NOT to risk "for them", is not to risk for ourselves.

  4. Thanks, Nicole.

    Yes, that Artic Wolf is always making me think...damnit!

    heh heh

  5. Glad I'm part of the wolf pack because when we hit the ground running, those sheep dogs better watch out.

    And since you prompted me to identify myself, I've picked a new name instead of hiding behind anonymous. I've decided on Skiri'ki which is Pawnee for wolf. My ancestors were native americans albeit not Pawnee but Blackfoot. I just liked the name in Pawnee better. :)

  6. So...does that mean you go ahead and eat the ones who won't be wolves?

  7. Look, Mr. Literal's a LOOSE metaphor, okay? :-)

  8. The sheep dogs have always eaten a few. In the bad old days they acted like any good shepard and only ate what they needed and tried to grow the value of their flocks. Now the sheep dogs are untrained mongrels who are devouring the flock with no thoughts but their immediate hungers.

    If elected, I promise to only eat a few so that I can grow the market value of the flock. All I need is a political strategist to spin my dietary habits for me.

  9. Good thing I'm not woolly and fluffy ;-)

    The analogies don't really match, but I get what you're saying. Just exercising my "smartypants" bone at your expense.

  10. Larry,

    And I don't mind a bit. :-)

    The moral of the story is that we have been, as a nation, convinced that the government (sheepdogs) is there to protect us and care for us...against all that mean, scary, cruel, dangerous FREEDOM (wolves).

    Which seems perfectly plausible at first glance. Especially if you're in the middle of the flock, busy doing what sheep do...and don't see the bloody fanged sheepdogs picking off the vulnerable sheep on the fringes, then blaming the Wolves, and herding us into every smaller, "safer", more limited areas - so they can "better protect" us...until we're completely at their mercy.

    I'm telling the story from the Wolf's point of view...pointing out that the sheep are really unconscious sheep's clothing, huddling in fear of their own true selves...who have bought the bullshit of the lying sheepdogs.

    I think it's a perfectly valid analogy. So there.

    Besides. I LIKE being a Wolf. Don't harsh my mellow, dude.

  11. Besides, sheep are sooooooo dumb that if there was a fire in the pasture and they were standing next to the open gate with means of escape in font of them, they'd stay put and die. Hence, sheeples. Some people are too stupid to wake up.

  12. I have personally seen them stand around in a group and watch as a coyote ate one of them.

  13. They exhibit this behavior because they wrongly believe the danger is over as long as someone else is being eaten. But the coyote gets hungry again. "When Hitler came for the Jews ,I did nothing because I am not a Jew. When he came for the Catholics, I did nothing because I am not a Catholic." The story goes on until they came for me, and there was nobody to do anything to help. It's the old divide and conquer routine.

    Semper Fi

  14. Just speak plainly.

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  17. “If you give up your freedom for safety, you don't deserve either one.”

    ― Ben Franklin