Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Quote of the Day...

"If I had to define the essence of right vs left, I would say it's particularism vs universalism. Clear identity vs hazy ideology.

I prefer a white communist nation over a multicultural capitalist nation.

I prefer a white socialist nation over a multicultural monarchy.

Would you rather live in an economically egalitarian white nation or a socially hierarchical nation with diversity like Brazil?

So, Hawley misses what the true Right, esp. Alt Right, is about.
It's about something more that abstract ideas like 'equality'.

It is about identity + territory + history.

Memory is priceless to civilization. One's most valuable personal asset is memory.
Would you rather keep your memory and lose all your wealth or keep your wealth and lose all your memory? Come to think of it, if you lose your memory, you will even lose your wealth since you won't know what it's about.

Amnesia and Alzheimer are terrifying because one doesn't know what one is, who one's loved ones are, what one did in life.

The West is suffering amnesia due to Pop Culture and PC drugs, and it is suffering from Alzheimer's from decrepit senility of the soul."

( "new-right"  or  "alt-right" ?)

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