Monday, May 09, 2016


What has been amazing has been the moral collapse of the conservative movement. Their vitriol directed at Trump, who is a practical conservative in this race even if he is not a Hayekian conservative - i.e., he wants to preserve America and America is a conservative enterprise - has been, still is, bewildering.

There is something evil about it because liberalism is destroying the country, the hour is late and a very very strong champion for America has emerged. What else could you want? That is, if your agenda is what is good for America. The conservative movement's agenda cannot be that, astounding as that is to this commenter.

Donald Trump is doing something historic. Since the mid-60's, the liberal paradigm has been in the ascendant. Liberals have made Gramsci's march through the institutions and through PC have set the terms of the debate. Trump is breaking all that crockery.

The conservative movement - NR, Weekly Standard, Dr. Kraut, Will, Jonah Goldberg, Kristol, etc. - seems to have embraced the liberal paradigm and are horrified that Trump is ignoring it. It is only in that sense that Trump is "extreme." The Founding Fathers would have thought him in the mainstream.

As the author of this piece says, if Trump is such a disaster for the Republicans, the Democrats and the MSM should be ecstatic. And they ain't. Why?

The revolution has come.

Trump 2016.

Hank Reardon  (American Thinker)

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