Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What Has the Conservative Movement Done?

You know what? I am sick to death of people lecturing and hectoring about the Conservative Principles of the Conservative Movement of America.

Are you kidding me?

What, precisely has the Conservative Movement accomplished or "conserved" in America since the Founding?

For a moment in time, Ronald Reagan slowed the rush to the Left...but as soon as he left office the tsunami continued apace.

If the Conservative Movement had made the SLIGHTEST difference in the last 100 years, we simply would not have Barack Ă˜bama as president. We would not have a lying criminal wife of an impeached president running for office.

We would not have a self-defined Socialist running for President of the United States.

The Conservative Movement, for all their principled beliefs and Constitutional hectoring, has not stopped or slowed the American rush to the Left in any way, AT ALL.

The Conservative Movement is a complete and utter failure.

I dare anyone here to list a single issue that has been won by the Conservative Movement.

Our culture is decadent.

Our government is leviathan and rapacious.

Our taxes are immense.

Our regulations stifle and strangle business

Our politicians are power-mad & money-grubbing

Our country is  being invaded by hostiles.

Our religion is banned and reviled.

We are raising little snowflake, soap bubble people for whom the slightest disagreement with their world-view is a psychological assault to be punished by the full force of law.

Our institutions are selling body parts of human babies.

Our universities permit only ONE accepted opinion to be expressed All others are forbidden under pain of job loss or lawsuit.

Homosexual marriage is the norm.

Divorce is the norm.

The Birthrate is falling.

More blacks are aborted than born, and those that manage birth grow up without fathers.

Tell me again....How did the ever so self-righteous and pure CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT make the slightest difference?


  1. What you describe is judgment, not a failure of the "conservative movement".

    Of all people, I thought you most appreciated the nature of conservatism which is that of the independent, self-reliant, and reverent spirit that opposes any form of tyranny, including the collective mindlessness and oppressive actions of any "movement", including those that brand themselves "conservative".

    We are the resistance, we know our reward and we fight the good fight. If and when blood is demanded, I think we will know. Why would you ask more than God asks?

    1. Tony,

      This is part of the problem when some people re-define a word. There are many of us conservatives in America (and not all of us religious, although we do endorse the Judeo-Christian moral codes), but the "Conservative Movement" is a mythological beast created by the Republican party to put lipstick on a socialist pig. Cruz is a perfect example: he pretends to be conservative, mouths empty religious platitudes he _obviously_ doesn't really believe in, pulls "Let's Return To The Gold Standard" out of his ass, trying to sound like Ron Paul, so that when the GOPe gives him delegates that belong to Trump and nominate him, enough true conservatives will think "maybe it's OK", and not take to the streets in righteous anger, as they should.

      The Gunslinger is right, and I believe she means we have been betrayed by the GOPe and by those conservatives who are foolish enough to actually think things are getting better.

  2. Blind rage! What a waste of energy. The GOPe betrayal is NOT a new fact! Where the hell have people been? Trump? A conservative? Are you delusional or is blind rage that maddening?

    1. Tony,
      Your ad hominem is puerile and immature. Can you not read English? I never said Trump was conservative. Show me where I said that, or have the balls to apologize.

      I do imply - accurately - that there are a lot of conservatives - myself included - who will vote for him. NOT because he is conservative - he isn't. He _is_, however, practical. I believe (as do many others, or haven't you been paying attention?) that he can be relied upon to do what he thinks will work. Like stopping illegal immigration, stopping the flood of muslim "refugees" (mostly young jihadis, if we can judge by Europe's debacle), returning America to a climate where business is not regulated, taxed, and Obamacared out of existence.

      Learn to control your emotions a little better, Tony, and you might retain at least a facade of reasonableness and maturity.

  3. Perhaps you should read my post again and pay careful attention to those things called question marks. I fully expect "Practical" Trump to stab you in the back and act exactly as he has in the past. All you have proved is that you are an easy mark.

    1. Question marks don't change the absurdity of the "either/or" remark, which is more common from liberals who don't know how to argue their point (often because there is no logic to their argument).

      An easy mark is someone who votes for "business as usual", expecting some sort of improvement just because "Republican". But if that soothes you, enjoy yourself. KY jelly is cheap and easy to apply.

      For my part, I'll take a practical man who is willing to change how he thinks based on reality over a GOPe any day. The GOPe has refused to represent us conservatives for years, and are now blatant about it (look at McConnell, Boehner and Ryan). I would MUCH rather take a chance on Trump than business as usual with any of the other poor choices - including that fake conservative Cruz.