Wednesday, April 13, 2016

California Sadder But Not Wiser

 Some idiot commenter at American Thinker  was actually bragging about how great California is.

Here's my response: (I only had so much time...)

• • •

"Are you insane? I live here, and the place is a shambles. They are raising taxes, paying off their friends. We pay the most in taxes, in fuel, in energy. We have to pay for grocery bags, for heaven's sake.

The "surplus" is a mirage. Government workers are lushly paid, do little, and demand even more. Pensions are opulent and rising yearly.

Taxes are high, and also rising.

They are working hard to ban guns as they import millions of illegal criminals.

Islam is being taught in schools and Christianity is forbidden. Mention Jesus at the risk of censure or lawsuit.

Men are discriminated against because: WYMYN!

Whites are discriminated against because: PEOPLE OF COLOR!

Tech billionaires squawk about Social Justice from their private, secluded palaces far from the "little people".

We're collectively paying for a multi-billion dollar 'bullet' train to nowhere that non of us will ever see or use, because it profits all the politicians' friends and donors, which translates into more money for themselves.

You can't wash you car in your driveway, water your lawn, burn wood in your fireplace on certain days or install a wood burning stove.

You can't change a ceiling fan, or replace a window, or install a garbage disposal in your house without getting (and paying for) government PERMISSION.


...birth control no longer requires a prescription, and middle-school children can buy it at the drug store. The nurse at school can hand out condoms.Parental approval or permission not required.

Abortion is a State-Sponsored Sport.

Transgenderism is a sacrament.

Sacramento may be the most corrupt city in America...indeed, in The Americas.

Here's the only good thing I have to say about California government: it might be marginally less corrupt than Haiti."

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  1. No, in Haiti at least government knows that at any time the rabble might rise up and slaughter them. There is no such sense of reality in Cal. or indeed anywhere in America. --Ray