Thursday, March 27, 2014

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We now have a government that is as counterfeit and as much a counterfeiter as the Wizard of Oz, only on an far more grandiose scale. The "equalization" machine of American Government is fraud, falsehood and counterfeiting on an industrial level that makes the military-industrial complex look like a lemonade stand.

What started with government granting itself the right to publish its self-evident equality falsehood as "truth" and the right to fabricate reality in order to force its false equality on its citizens; and the right to usurp God and re-create men as "equals" in His eyes; and, finally the right to (albeit, fraudulently) "equalize" everyone, has mushroomed into the complete fabrication and counterfeiting of the entire nation.

-It counterfeits money by printing worthless paper;

-It counterfeits economic data on everything from unemployment to deficits;

-It counterfeits healthcare now transformed into ObamaCare;

-It counterfeits human beings by declaring them "equal";

-It counterfeits religion by becoming one and enforcing its own creation mythology ("created equally");

-It counterfeits Education by re-tasking it to serve the false equality mission;

-It counterfeits the democratic process itself by transforming "representatives" of the citizens into masters;

-It counterfeits justice by using the justice system to enforce its false equality religion.

The list is endless, as virtually everything this Government-as-God touches it tarnishes with its own essence which is falsehood, deceit and the perpetual murder of truth and reality.

Like the Wizard of OZ, it hands out fake hearts (attributing innocence to criminals like Trayvon Martin and all of the Black Hate Crime perpetrators) and minds (e.g., affirmative action degrees) and souls to those who lack them---to make everyone feel equal, for the fake purpose of "equality," so that no one feels lesser in abilities or worth...

...Except those whose true value is derogated by the government's false equalization, reducing the stature of those who truly create and truly produce value to those who destroy value and lack creative abilities. The fact that "RAP" is even called "music" is a perfect example, as is the fact that Obama brought it into the White House.

Enforcing public acceptance of its fabricated monstrosity is the other shoe (or, in this case, jackboot) falling on the necks of American citizens.

But what happens when a nation undertakes to counterfeit truth, intelligence, knowledge, science, wisdom, achievement, courage, honor, compassion, spirituality and humanity itself? That is, besides "Global Warming" and an "education" system that produces mass illiteracy coupled with conformity to immorality, degradation, dehumanization and the elevation of sheer idiocy and reverence for unrestrained sociopathy?

Putin was right about "American exceptionalism." We lost any exceptionalism we had to the government’s mass counterfeiting of truth, intelligence, ability, knowledge, wisdom and value itself.

Obama is proof of Putin’s insight. Barack and Michelle Obama are the poster-children for counterfeit intelligence, counterfeit education and counterfeit ability. When they travel abroad, it's appears as if America is shamelessly touting its best or at least its most elevated "fakes".

Imagine a traveling show of counterfeit paintings, badly faked masterpieces that are obvious to everyone, save those who know nothing of true art, or to whom the "true art" is the sheer Chutzpah of the counterfeiter---like the Obama worshippers in the media---those who marvel at the "art of the con," aka the "audacity" not of hope, of course, but of deceit. The reason the Media-Illusionist Complex fawns over the Obamas is because they are its most elevated creation. The Frankenstein-Media loves its monster....

But of Obama, one cannot even say: its a very good fake...! The only thing he is actually criticized for is stepping out of his elaborate frame: going off-script, being out of his fake character, out of sync with his costumes of education, intelligence, and his counterfeit writing and speaking abilities (among many others).

Only the West (the EU) was fooled, temporarily, but the x-rays of time and exposure revealed that under the president costume is a man whose primary distinction is his complete lack of qualification for leadership.

America is now completely adulterated, a fraudulent nation lead by a fraudulent president, its citizens fraudulently “represented” by their fraudulent “representatives” in the US congress and senate.

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I need a drink.


*This is the horrifying story he was commenting on

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