Monday, March 04, 2013

No. Not Even Kicking.

Let me be the first to mock this idiot.

And the NFL knuckleheads that thought it was a good idea.

Never mind all the stupidity inherent in the "women are equal to men" nonsense.

Are we not in the middle of a discussion about whether football is too dangerous for big, masculine, male galoots to play (not that I buy that, you understand...)

So, at the same time, the NFL thinks it's a good idea to encourage women to play?

Somebody is smoking crack, obviously.

Oh wait.

Considering how humiliatingly BAD this chick did...maybe the NFL was on to something after all. After the big buildup. And the big FAIL. They surely have discouraged women from trying that little stunt again.

Hmmm. Must ruminate.


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