Monday, March 04, 2013

Men & Women, Women & Men. It'll Never Work.

Look. Regarding the whole chick trying out for football kicker ...


I'm a woman. I am also a feminist. In the old-fashioned sense of that word.

I believe that women should have exactly the same rights as men.


So, for example, if they want to be firemen...they should have to pick up, carry, lift, the exact same amount of weight as men do to qualify. They should have to do the same type and as many pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups. They should have to climb as far and as fast, carrying as much weight.

My life might depend on it.

If they do, cool. If not, they should NOT be firemen. They're not good enough. They don't qualify.

Same goes for cops, Special Forces, athletes, and anything else that takes strength and speed.

Fellow chicks, guys are BETTER than at those things than we are. They are BUILT for it. They're SUPPOSED to be. And it's okay.

Not really that hard to understand.

Guys can't be ballerinas either, so GET. OVER. IT.

Now...fortunately a lot of the most interesting things to do in the world do NOT take speed and strength. They take intelligence. And in that regard, we are equal.

Yes, it's true, it's guys who are at the extreme genius end of the bell curve, so most, if not all of the insanely smart people are guys (I'm talking Einstein & Hawkings level here). But there are precious few of those. Not like there's a lot of competition in that arena.

And the corollary, of course, is that it's also males who occupy the opposite extreme end of the bell curve: The super stupid.

But again...a rather small percentage.

But the middle ranges from pretty dumb to genius are equally that women are in direct competition with men on the intelligence spectrum.

So...what's my point?

Only that women have a large number of opportunities - in many areas - to compete fairly with men. We don't have to feel inferior because we can't kick a football as far, or bench press as much weight.

We are legitimate contenders in the game of life. Personal success does not necessarily depend on upper body strength or speed. We don't have to try to be men in order to be equal.

Women who insist on trying always end up looking stupid, weak, and clueless, like Lauren Silberman who tried out as a kicker for the NFL...

...and kicked the ball 19 yards.


Shit...I could have done that...and the only thing I've ever kicked is my old Beezer's kick starter.

She made herself, and by association, the rest of us (women), look stupid.

And that pissed me off.

She might have made a great team doctor, or physical therapist, or owner, or PR person, or sports lawyer, or player agent.

But no, this dope had to try out for the team. And FAIL embarrassingly.

Nice work, duncette. Feminists everywhere appreciate the unnecessary black eye.


P.S. Technology has made it possible for us to compete in some areas of strength and speed: guns and cars.

So even there, if we don't lose our heads and imagine we can arm wrestle the boys...we can sometimes have fun driving faster and shooting straighter than they do.


  1. While I agree with you in principle, one job you listed, and perhaps others, raise practical concerns. Special Forces.

    There is no place for romance in the military, especially in combat. It is a distraction, can be divisive and give rise to petty jealousies and other complications that put people's lives in jeopardy. This applies specifically to women but to homosexuals as well.

    It can taint promotions and other critical decisions. It puts commanders in difficult positions for fear of public opinion. Should we rescue that woman captive or not, or is public pressure going to decide? Can we sail this aircraft carrier in harms way with 51 infants on board?

    It is also unfair to spouses who remain home. Think about that and what it can do to family morale.

    Romance (or lust) in the private sector has done signifcant damage and always puts doubt in the qualifications for promotions. "Who did she (or he) sleep with" is still a legitimate question. That aside, there are just some jobs where men and women are better off if they do not work together. This is mostly true where there is high personal risk and complete loyalty to the team is required so everyone can go home safely at night.

    Nature gave us this chemistry for a reason, and try as we may to ignore it or deny it, nature has time on its side and will always win.

  2. Really, the point was that no woman can actually meet proper standards.