Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Truth About "Decent Liberals"

From American Thinker
Two Comments... by Drew

" All the liberals that I know are good, decent people. They just believe what they read in The New York Times and hear on National Public Radio".

I don't buy this any more. There are two kinds of liberals: control freaks who worm their way into authority and lazy thinkers who want to be thought well of with minimal effort. Neither is admirable. A "good decent" person would look the failures of their control freak brethren in the face and feel shame or embarrassment. Instead, these follower libs confine themselves to the stink bubble of disinformation their control freak media provide reassuring them that their failures are a grand success and their "good intentions" suffice to make them good people. It is the eternal weakness of conservatives that they keep extending courtesy to people from whom there is NO RECIPROCITY. Have you EVER on a left wing site heard a lib claim that his conservative friends are decent and well intentioned but simply wrong on the issues and further bring proof of their wrongness? No, it's just a litany of name calling and lies e.g. Obama is not outspending every other President including Bush. People of the Lie are not good people.


Obama is red, raised as such by both white mother and grandparents and his black nominal Kenyan father and spiritual father communist Frank Marshall Davis. In furtherance of red/marxist goals, he has adopted a black persona and encourages their grievances. Soviet psychological warfare experts long ago pegged blacks as America's Achilles heel and have been using them to bring her down through Welfare parasitism, crime, black power organizations and eternal shakedowns for fossilized grievances. Blacks are tools for Reds and Obama is both - red and their willing tool. Blacks including Africans indoctrinated in Russia itself and those converted to Islam seem totally unaware that their Russian controllers and Muslim slavers are the most racist people against blacks in the world with utter contempt for them. How is it possible to be so blind to one's own history while building up huge resentment toward western whites who participated in what was a universal sin, slavery but ALONE brought it to an end? (to the chagrin of blacks' longest slavers the Muslims who carry on in pockets such as Mauritania).


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