Thursday, February 28, 2013

Horse Heads Abound...

Apparently, it's not only Bob Woodward.*

Lanny Davis also got threatened by Øbongo's people.

God, what a thug.

And this "man" sits (figuratively) at George Washington's desk.


*It would seem that Politico has revealed an email that they claim is the one that contains the "regret threat"..but it appears instead to be a very mild warning to a friend hoping that said friend would not make a mistake and feel bad about it later.

On the basis of this interpretation, the Øbongo crew, lackeys, thugs , lick-spittles, whores and hoodlums are attacking Woodward in every venue at every opportunity.

But. Apparently Woodward had a lengthy conversation with the sender about this issue, in which said sender "raised his voice"—enough to feel it necessary to apologize. I don't think it's unlikely that the "threat" was given during this conversation, and the apparently mild reference to it found in the email was a subtle reminder of it...not the entirety of the threat itself.

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