Friday, September 01, 2006

Me and Ann

Often I can't help myself from quoting Ann Coulter here. She's just so RIGHT all the time. Oh yes, I know she's called "controversial". But that's just because she's so goddamn killer on the mark that the Collaborators* just can't stand it. She makes all those "peace" activists become raving violent maniacs. Which further exposes their bogus "principles". The exposure of their heroes as cheats, egotists, bubble-heads and bone-heads is just too much for them. Their moral, ethical, political and intellectual bankruptcy is particularly suseptible to her brand of iconoclastic humor. All she does is tell the truth. Her point, and their shame is that the truth is so bad for their reputations, their power and their policies.

It's such a win-win situation.

But for any readers who nevertheless think that Ann is too far out, too mean, sharp, cruel and snappish to be included in "serious" Conservative circles...please note this quote today from the godfather of all wisdom and "serious" Conservative thought, Thomas Sowell:

"Dorothy Parker's sharp-witted writings used to cut through a lot of nonsense. Ann Coulter is the Dorothy Parker of our time—an industrial strength Dorothy Parker."

If Mr. Sowell says it, it's the truth. I don't want to hear another word.

Read the rest of his Random Thoughts for Tuesday, Aug 29.

The Gunslinger

*Liberal-Lefties who would rather see Bush lose than America win. See: Blog Terms and Definitions

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