Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Terms & Definitions

You will find these terms used in this blog:

Affirmative Action Figure: Øbie (hat tip tjones)

Apes-in-Lace: Generally, people for whom style (lace) is more important than substance (ape) and whose judgment therefore is almost always wrong. They treasure "shiny" objects of little worth (Barack Obama) and reject diamonds in the rough (Sarah Palin).

, the pretentious boobs living in The Blue Bubble who, though imagining themselves to be sophisticated and worldly, are unaware of anything beyond their little burg of like-minded provincials. They imagine themselves to be Lordly and impressive by virtue of their superficial trappings, but are mocked by "regular" people who see the hairy, stinky, gamboling ape beneath the lace.

Example: Peggy Noonan has lately revealed herself to be an Ape-in-Lace by her inability to comprehend Sarah Palin's character or appeal. So focused on the "style" so important to Apes-in-Lace (she is actually flummoxed by Palin's dropping of "g's") she entirely misses the substance of the woman so popular among "regular" people.

"Regular" People: Exceptional people.

("Scare" quotes mean a word should be understood to mean something different than its usual meaning. Thus "regular" doesn't mean simply regular. Regular Americans, being the architects of American Exceptionalism, are exceptional. Thus, regular Americans are exceptional people!)

"Regular" people = exceptional people = regular Americans. Or, more plainly:

Regular Americans are Exceptional People.

The usage points out the mistake the idiots in the Blue Bubble make when they assume that regular Americans are actually regular Frenchmen. And why "regular" people in American so often foil the best laid plans of the self-styled "elite", just when they figure they've got the "regular" people snookered. (Note "elite" doesn't mean elite, either...)

Baby-Poopers: Baby-Boomers with shit for brains. (See "Collaborators" above.) True believers in the Great Myth of the 60's (which they consider their Glory Days), they have refused to learn a thing or listen to a new idea since they were 18. Biggest market for Viagra and Botox.

Bambi: Øbie (see: "Øbambi")

Bandersnatch: Øbie (hat tip Robert)

"How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!"
--Lewis Carroll
Barry & Micki: Øbie and Missus Øbie once they've retired from public life (Lord, let it be soon!)

Bitter Half: Missus Øbie (Moochelle)

The Blue Bubble: The narcissist Leftist echo-chamber in which people who believe themselves to be the intellectual, educational, social, political, moral, and cultural superiors of the "little people" in the rest of the country, and consider it their right and privilege, as The Anointed, to determine our destiny according to their own lights, with or without our permission or consent—and who only know other people who fit this profile, and are rarely, if ever, confronted with anyone with a differing or dissenting point of view.

Examples: Academia, Media, Entertainment, Government, Democrat Party, NYC, San Francisco.

Bløwbama: The everlasting, continual, over-exposed, face/camera time bogarting blowhard, Øbama.

The minions of Barack Øbama that seek to silence his critics by "whatever means necessary".

Cannibals: Republicans/Pseudo-Conservatives who eat their own. (e.g. Sarah Palin)

Chatterati: The smug, elitist, but invariably clueless, gasbags of the Marxist Mainstream Media who write opinion columns, using paper that would be more constructively used to wipe their asses; or using air-waves to offer twaddle less instructive than reruns of Gilligan's Island.

Chitterati: Same as above, but when their drivel becomes so persistent and annoying that the only viable comparison is to swamp insects buzzing in your ears.

Collaborators: This refers to the Liberal-Left anti-war, anti-American, anti-Bush boneheads who say things like "war never solved anything" and expose national security secrets, or support those who do;

...who pretend to be against terrorism, but don't want to profile young Muslim men; who go to foreign countries and bad-mouth America; who vow to leave America if Bush is elected, but never go;

...who believe that America is the problem and not the solution to the world's the same time they insist that America SOLVE all the world's problems, but only in ways that are not American;

...who are rich and fat and happy and blame the hard-working, struggling, productive Americans for making the rest of the world poor; who believe that morals are relative and non-binding for themselves, but gleefully point out in mock outrage the human failings of people with whom they disagree;

...who believe the First Amendment applies only to themselves; who believe that the Constitution is a set of suggestions, not the Law of the Land, and can be trampled, twisted, i.e. "interpreted" in any way that fits their agenda;

...who believe the framers and founders of America were evil white men, to whom they owe no debt of gratitude; who think that America is the worst country in the world but won't leave to go to that other place that is so much better...which they never exactly identify;

...who believe that America's success, prosperity and power are not the result of high principles, hard work, dedication, good ideas, faith and sacrifice, but luck, and theft; who believe that somehow it's the magical dirt of the land mass that is America that generates prosperity, technology, wealth and power, not the people and the culture;

...who would rather see America punished, blamed, battered and bloodied by the rest of the world than lift a finger to defend her; who would rather see America LOSE A WAR and American troops BLEED AND DIE than see George W. Bush succeed.

Let's call them what they are. Allowing them to define themselves as "Progressives" and "Liberals" is an insult to intelligence, to the language, to reason, and to the truth. It just won't cut it any more.

EOTIS: Acronym for Enemy of the Imperial State. Pronounced [ee-oh'-tis]. To be used (in parenthesis) after one's name to indicate accordance with the goals of the EOTIS Brotherhood which is "Dedicated to the destruction of the Imperial State and the Restoration of our Liberties" Use of this suffix grants automatic membership.

e.g. Sam (EOTIS)

Fez-Boo-Laah: This is my disrespectful version of the name of the terrorist group Hizzbulah, or Hezzbulah or Ebola, or whatever the hell they call themselves. It brings up images of fat, sweaty Arabs in 1940's movies. I enjoy degrading them in my speech and in my thinking. They deserve no respect, and I refuse to give them any.

Gormless Dork, The: Øbie

Ham-Ass: Hamas. This has the double bonus of not just calling them asses, but introducing the forbidden pork into the equation, which makes it: PIG-BUTT. The Mission: Degrade, insult and disrespect. I think this succeeds admirably.

Hizzoner: Øbie

Hollowman & the Harpy: Øbie and Missus Øbie

Ho'Media: (See ØbaMedia) Optional: Scabrous Ho'Media

Hulking Goblin, The: Missus Øbie

Hussein Al-Øbama: Øbie (King Barackus)

Islamic War: This is the name of the war we are fighting. It's not the "Iraq War" or the "War on Terror", or even the "Islamofascist War". Islam is the enemy. Until it reforms itself, like Christianity did, it will remain a vulgar, primitive, savage, ugly, tyrannical death cult. We are at war with Islam. Not a part of Islam, but the religion itself, and all its adherents. There is no such thing as 'moderate Islam'. That is a fantasy of the Collaborators. There are only apostate Muslims who don't really follow the dictates of their religion. They are the Muslim version of "fallen-away" Catholics. These nominal Muslims are the ones that might be considered 'moderate'...but only because they don't practice the religion. RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual) i.e., The Koran.

King Barackus: Øbie

Kool-Aid Pop Song: Barack Øbama's (to some) mesmerizing yet meaningless message of "hope" & "change"

Lady MacBeth: The cruel, unmerciful, angry and terminally ambitious Harpy, Missus Øbie.
(Hat Tip to Journal reader tjones)

Looming Orc, The: Missus Øbie

Maobama: Øbie

Mizzoner: Missus Øbie

Moonbats: The mildest name I can use for the pie-eyed, pixie dusters lost in their Utopian dreams, trying to drag us all with them into the pit of Socialist Tyranny. Less polite, but more accurate alternatives include: Fucking Commie Bastards; Shit-for-Brains Nanny-Staters; Goblins of the Dark Lord; Wannabe Jack-Boot Thugs Dreaming of Power in their Brave New World.

Multicunts: Proponents and defenders of Multiculturalism...more accurately known as "Swamping American Culture by adulterating it with huge infusions of inferior stock."

Øbamabøts: Øbie's brain-dead, cult-like followers.

Øbamaløt: Post-American United States; the state of twilight zone unreality, incompetence, and bungling by the neophyte ZerØ pretending he's the President.

Øbambi: Unicorn Utopian, Barack Øbama; best friends with "Thumper" Rahm Emanuel (called that for different reasons than the original.)

: The entire Liberal Mainstream Media which is in the tank for Barack Øbama.

Øbie: Barack Øbama

Øbie & the Wookie: Barack and Mee-Shell Øbama

Øbongo: Øbie

(to) Pelosi (verb) : To be "pelosied" one has to 1) brazenly lie about something and then 2) publicly be called out by the person or persons you lied about. Extra points if that person or persons produce documentation (particularly video spread virally through the interwebs via You Tube or some such method) to back their claims. (Thanks to Larry at Last Refuge of a Scoundrel)

PINØ - "President-In-Name-Ønly": lil 'bamster (hat tip/reader Lisa G in NZ)

Øbie. A reference to the rose petals thrown at he feet when he walks among us mortals.

Prince of Chicago: Øbie

Prince of Peace: Øbie

Proglodyte: Progressive Troglodytes- the only kind of "progressives" there are.

Proto Dictator: Øbie

RinoCrats - Republicans-in-name-only that really are big government dhimmicrats at heart, and always find a way to work and vote with the Vampires* (see below). John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are examples.

ROPer: A member and practitioner of the "Religion Of Peace"

Scabrous Whores: (See Ho'Media)

The sham "president" Barack Øbama

'slimes:  Short for "mu-slimes" = muslims

Slobbering Media: (See Ho'Media) optional: Slobbering Ho's

"Stink-Eye" Soetero: Øbie

Sun King, The: Øbie

"Sweet Sissy Muhammad in Lace Undies!" Exclamation of surprise, joy or agitation.

TOTUS: Teleprompter of the United States (Øbama)

Vampires: Leftists/Progressives and their zombie parasites who suck the country and decent, hardworking people dry. Parasites who live off the sweat and labor of others and contribute nothing.

Vichy: Interchangeable with "Collaborators" (see above). Named for the vile Vichy French government during the Nazi occupation, with whom they collaborated, even to the extent of rounding up their own citizens and countrymen to send to the death camps.

Wookie, The:  Mee-Shell Øbama

ZerØ: Øbie (from his logos and PR representation of him as "O".)

ZØmbies:  The mindless, parasitic, cannibalistic, shambling followers of the Øbongo.


  1. Nice to hear rational thinking for a change,time for a little breather.Now that we are in intermission,(Hezbollah Virus Vs Israel) I have never in my life seen such bull crap spouting from peoples mouths.I hope they are happy that they have stopped the Virus from being eradicated,and the peace they call for can now never be achieved. With the new war rules,(proportional responses),future fights will last much longer,tit tat,tit tat, keep 24 hr news happy anyway,I wish we could just shoot them!

  2. Good one, Harbinger..."Hezbollah Virus"! That may end up on the Terms & Definitions with a hat tip to you!

  3. Just clicked on this feature.Good on ya! The "Lady Macbeth" thing was probably triggered by the Shakespeare quote comment by one of your readers the other day,as well as your post re:"Nothing can't stop him from becoming Pres".One can only hope that,even if (or BECAUSE)it does happen,she'll carry out the role and go even further into madness.DemoLibs always crack up the more confident they get.

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